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1. Creating Your Social Success Story Chris Treadaway Polygraph Media 2. “I love everything about this house, except itneeds a few modern touches.What can I do to…
  • 1. Creating Your Social Success Story Chris Treadaway Polygraph Media
  • 2. “I love everything about this house, except itneeds a few modern touches.What can I do to quickly modernize this housewith minimal effort?”
  • 3. In Review• Life happens – a cry for help• A social and publicly communicated solution on Facebook• “Nest” – a high-end thermostat with modern user experience (UX) – just launched Oct 2011• Product research and reviews• Purchase at his nearby Apple Store• Affirmation & unsolicited social recommendation again on Facebook
  • 4. Old Marketing vs. New MarketingSignage Social MediaBillboards Content MarketingNewspaper News Feed OptimizationRadio & TV BloggingYellow Pages Listings, Reviews, ReputationTraditional Press Search Engine MarketingBrochure Web SiteCash Register E-mail/CRMScheduling SystemDirect Mail List
  • 5. Today’s Conversion FunnelSignageBillboardsNewspaperRadio & TVYellow PagesTraditional PressBrochureCash RegisterScheduling SystemDirect Mail ListSocial MediaContent MarketingNews Feed OptimizationBloggingListings, Reviews,ReputationSearch Engine MarketingWeb SiteE-mail/CRMPersonal Referrals
  • 6. Why? Trust.
  • 7. Getting to an Action Plan• Decide what you think fits your business best• Pick the right outlets• Publish & curate content consistently• Listen to customers genuinely and respond• Attract new customers through participation & direct advertising• Identify Influencers and make them really happy
  • 8. Two Approaches to SocialGo where the people are Do what fits your business
  • 9. Worksheet• Listings• Search Engine Visibility• Sharing Pictures with Customers• Publishing Videos• Sharing Articles and Your Opinions with Customers• Ratings & Online Reputation Management• Answering Common Questions• Proactively write about your business
  • 10. Google Local Business Listing
  • 11. Google Local Business
  • 12. Google+• Social + Search Engine optimization• Create a page for Google+ /+/business/
  • 13. “Hacking” Google Search ResultsG+ Post
  • 14. Pinterest• 83% women in the United States• Create a free account at• Integrated with other social media
  • 15. YouTube• Create your own Channel• Upload videos• Search Engine Optimization benefit• Embed videos in web sites, blog posts, etc.
  • 16. Facebook & Twitter• Facebook Pages – Edgerank – the algorithm that determines what people see when they log in – You must encourage comments, likes, shares of your content• Facebook Profiles• Facebook Notes• Twitter – Limited to 140 characters
  • 17. What percentage of local customers read reviewsabout local businesses? 67%69% believe the general public as much as a friend
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. Blogging Platforms• Wordpress – blogging• Typepad – blogging• Tumblr – blogging & pictures
  • 21. Tools of the Trade
  • 22. Curate Content• If you don’t have content or don’t want to create it, curate it• Curation is referring to other people’s content on your own social media properties• E.g. linking to an interesting article, sharing another person’s photo, commenting on someone else’s work
  • 23. Keyword Optimization• Google Suggest• Tells you what search terms people use to find you, competitors, etc.• Words with high search volume = good• Tip  use them in your blog content, Google+ posts, Facebook posts, Twitter
  • 24. Content Ideas• “Behind the scenes” videos• “Staff” profiles• What people don’t know about what you do• How to deal with weather changes• Taking care of their purchase• Related items of interest – landscaping, being “ecofriendly”• Contests• Evocative imagery
  • 25. Performance by Content Type
  • 26. Utilize ImageryPolygraph’s study of 120,000+ Facebook pagesreveals that 98%+ underutilize posting pictures to encourage social chatter
  • 27. Evocative Imagery Sells
  • 28. Create an Editorial Calendar• Set the rules/policy• Mix up topics and outlets• Discipline• Take the thought out of the problem – “autopilot”
  • 29. Listen & Identify Influences• People are saying things about what they want, like, dislike all the time in social media• Monitor to listen, understand what customers are saying• Certain people are driving conversations online, in peer groups• Win them and you win groups of people!
  • 30. Thank you! Chris Treadaway @ctreada on Twitter
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