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xintong zhao Architecture Portfolio for 2017 summer internshipXINTONG “CHARLES” ZHAO519 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 217-898-7747…
xintong zhao Architecture Portfolio for 2017 summer internshipXINTONG “CHARLES” ZHAO519 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 217-898-7747 Online Portfolio: EDUCATION University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignExpected Graduation May 2017Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies University of Illinois Campus Honors Program (advanced courses) University of North Carolina Brussels 2014 Summer Program University of PennsylvaniaStarting August 2017Master of Architecture HONORS University of Illinois Chancellor’s Scholar Dean’s List: Spring 2015 University of Illinois European Union Center 2014 Travel Grant EXPERIENCE Shanghai DAO Design & Consulting Co., Ltd. Architecture InternShanghai, China June-July 2015Produce post-design CAD drawings within a team of architects and structural engineers for a highdensity apartment complex of 1,500 residents in Pudong, Shanghai Prepare 2D and 3D drawings and diagrams for presentation and client meetings Work closely with clients on program design within a team of senior architects for a business district in Qingpu, Shanghai Ricker Library of Architecture and Art Student Library AssistantChampaign, IL September 2014-PresentAssist patrons at the circulation desk, shelve books, and upkeep of library stacks Responsible for opening and operating the library on my own during weekends Society of Business and Management in Architecture Vice President/ TreasurerChampaign, IL March 2014-PresentOverlook and manage the fund within the twenty-people organization Connect with professionals in the architecture firms around Chicago area and invite them to be guest speakers in our regular meetings which helped over a hundred undergraduate and graduate students in School of Architecture to know more about the professional life of being architect Illinois Solar Decathlon Team MemberChampaign, IL August 2014-PresentDesign a livable, single story, sustainable house for Solar Decathlon 2017 Competition Collaborate with a team of 22 students from architecture, engineering and computer science majors on a weekly basis COMPUTER SKILL Rhinoceros 5.0, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketchup, Revit, 3ds Max2cover photo is a picture of my model from a project that is not in this portfolioCONTENT 1champaign incubator office building for startups|downtown champaign, il11 19 25campus honors program center university building|university of illinois at urbana-champaignkickapoo campgrounds campgound|kickapoo state parkSpatail Grid makeseries 2|architecture annex|finalist31Aditional Works122Nchampaign incubator office building for startups|downtown champaign, il senior studio project241local businessetc 18%3 banks and atms 3%27 restaurants bakery and pubs5 shops and supermarkets 5%3 hotels and apartments 3%in the neighborhood (1000ft radius) train station senior center local businessdowntown champaign site analysis situated on main street in downtown champaign, the i-cubator is an office building specifically designed for startup companies. every year thousands of u of i students graduates from the univeristy and go on with their career. the fact that u of i is a huge engineering and computer science university gives hundreds of graduates opportunities to start their own company. Having a startup company location relatively close to a college town means endless fresh talents and resources.3restaurant pub office building residentialcorporate officework timetypical office spaceIn the typical commercial office building, floors operates in isolation. Eveyone works individually most of the time. interactions are minimal.Nine-to-five is a word specifically used to describe the working schedule of a corporate worker. There is no work overtime commitment. So no strings spacestartupsstartup office spacework timeWork around the clock for a new product or a public funding is everyday life for startup companies. Thus a comfortable and well-quipped office space is crucial to the employees.Communication between employees is essential for startups. Everyone one is involved in the decision making process. Ways of blurring the seperation between floor are desired+ lounge+ officeactivity space4Project Vision The project aimed to create an interactive and unique office space for startup companies. By breaking the floor barrier, the spaces would encourage conversations to happen between creative minds. Also community engagement related spaces such as product display and auditorium was intended on the lower levels of the incubator.Design Processavailable volumealley creation52program seperationpush in facade for maximum sunlight in the afternoonmechanical roomupbuilding storageupupbuilding storageupupupdn upbuilding manager officedn upproduct displaydnupcafe storagednupground floor2nd floorIdea Alley The alley created in between the neighboring building and the incubator is a public walkway connecting Main Street and the rail yard. It works as a backyard space for employers of the incubator. Considering a senior center is right across the street to the incubator, I transformed it into a public walkway with vegetation and benches for the people of Champaign.6updnup upupop e t n be o lo w8th floorupdn7th floorSouth Elevationop e t n be o lo wupupupAs the main facade of the building, the south facade uses a glass-fin system to maximize transparency. From anywhere in downtown Champaign, one can see the different spaces being used as well as the movement throughout the upper levels.dnupupup6th floorupop e t n be o lo w5th floor2upProgram Diagram4th floor upThe lower levels of the incubator has a cafĂŠ, an auditorium, staff offices and display spaces. These levels are open to the public, so companies can showcase their product to the general public. The upper levels are the offices space with restricted access.Startup Development Phases & Program 8th floor Scaling Accelerating growth and customer adoptionthe skyroom large meeting room mini library lounge offices reception area restrooms7th floor Market Fit Key performance indicators (kpi) identified and attract fundinggroup project spaces large meeting room lounge offices reception area restrooms6th floorPublic facilities like printing room and activity spaces are placed in the middle level to encourage interation among people from different levelsthe print room kitchen game room gym mini theater lounge5th floor Product Development refinement of the product & sales to early adoptersgroup project spaces large meeting room lounge offices reception area restrooms4th floor Minimum Viable Product Creation of first generation product and initial market testingmaker lab product showcase offices reception area restrooms8South Facade Perspective As the centerpiece of the incubator, the south faรงade showcases the kind of interactive and unique office experience I intended to design. The building stands at the heart of downtown Champaign, representing the vigorousness of the city.7th floor lounge area with views of the skyroomview of 5th, 6th& 7th floor10112campus honors program center university building|university of illinois at urbana-champaign junior studio project1223:0000:0001:00 02:0022:0003:0021:00 20:0004:0019:0005:0006:0018:0007:0017:0008:0016:0009:0015:00 14:0010:00 13:0012:0011:00studentsinstructorsstaffchp studentsprofessors activity organizerchp program staff maintenance staffpassersbyresidentsnight owlcollege student visitorslocal residents college studentsconcert-goers party-goersUser Group Analysis Situated at the center of university of illinois, the new campus honor program house will be another physical symbol of U of I. The location of the building is special because there are education facilities, a music hall and some local businesses around the intersection. A demographic study around the area is conducted for design consideration.1322Perimeter Mass 10ft set back according to the university building codeAxial Cut Double loaded corridor arrangement allows most efficient use of spaceFragmentation of Site Main enterance locates on goodwin where most of the students will be coming fromProgram Allocation00:0000:0006:0018:0006:0018:0012:0012:00residentialclassrooms/ staff offices00:0000:0006:0018:0012:00educational facilities00:0006:0012:00shops/ music hallboth campus buildings and the library in the campus honors program center opens fairly late at night, so these two can be placed at a close location.library/ computer lab00:0018:0006:0018:0012:00Most of the students get off class and go back home around 7p.m., while the offices and classrooms in the building are used between 9a.m. to 5p.m. the mismatch of the program and the context according to time of use creates ideal work/study space for people in both cases.06:0018:0012:00the entertainment area and student lounge in the campus honor’s program center are usually used late in the day which correspond to the surrounding retail places and krannert art centerentertainment area/ student lounge14Room DesignationMEN’S WOMEN’ SSTAFF L STAFF SOUNGE STAFF STATAFF STAFF S STAFFFF MEN DIREC TAFF WOME ’S N’S TORR ECEPNCE COENTR TION Y KITCPY FILEENTERTAINMHENOUGARDE NSIDESEA TENTING200 BUILDING ENTRY 100 OUTSIDE SEATING PARKINGOM G ARDEN LIBRA LOU RY NGE T151000 ENTERTAINMENT AREA100 LOCKERCLASSROCONFEREground floor420 VERTICAL GARDEN250 STUDENT LOUNGECLASSRO CLASSRO OM OM500 LIBRARYupper floor450 COMPUTER LAB500 CONFERENCE ROOM 150 STAFF OFFICE 150 STAFF OFFICE 150 STAFF OFFICE 150 STAFF OFFICE 175 STAFF OFFICE 175 STAFF OFFICE 175 STAFF OFFICE 175 STAFF OFFICE 150 RECEPTION 225 DIRECTOR OFFICE 150 FILE ROOM 100 COPY ROOM 75 SUPPLY CLOSET 125 STAFF LOUNGE750 CLASSROOM 750 CLASSROOM1000 CLASSROOMRequired programs are designated to each space according to my program allocation idea. Library, EXPLODED AXONOMETRIC student lounge and entertainment area are put right at the street corner to emphasize the role of communication in the learning process. A vertical garden is added to the building which would be the home of the beloved Honor House Tree.EXPLODED AXONOMETRIC 16East ElevationNorth Elevation172View of library and student loungeDouble loaded corridor with the view of library and vertical gaerden18192kickapoo campgrounds campgound|kickapoo state park junior studio project20Model Transformation Design started with a simple triangle. Of all building shapes, triangular body has the least physical presence which is crucial for a camp ground in a state park. Pushing and pulling the three walls of the shape, a huge rooftop window was made. an entrance was added to complete the hut design.212ADA Hut Floor Plan ADA accessible huts aimed to serve people with disabilities better and let them enjoy the fun of camping as much as abled people do. The placement of the furniture and space between are carefully designed to meet the need of people with wheelchair. 60 inch turning radius 36*48 minimum maneuvering clearanceADA Accessible Bathroom The placement of the toilet and sink are carefully designed to meet the need of people with wheelchair. handrails are added for safety and earier use.Camping Hut Interior View A bed, a nightstand, a table, a chair and simple lighting. What else can you ask for for a night in the woods with your favorite people? Also the gigantic window over your head provides magnificent view into the night sky.22Exploded Axonometric232communal space for gathering, cooking, eating, and controlled firesshared path the campground is at the same level with the hiking pathada accessible dock all people can enjoy canoeing with carefully design ada docksite section rather than lift the whole campground up from the ground for easier design, i chose to build the huts as close to the topography as possible for the simple reason that people come to the camping to get closer to the nature.24design brief the site for makeseries2 is the north gallery in the architecture annex (architecture studio for sophomore). the boundaries of the gallery are outlined to be a rectangle defined as the 3 existing walls with the southern boundary to be 20 feet from the north wall. students are asked to create an installation that will a) define and seperate the gallery from the work spaces B)give an additional function to the space. this additional function is left for each submitting team to conceptualize. designs should not inhibit the use of the space as a gallery nor require maintenance other than routine cleaning that the gallery already receives.252spatial gird MakeSeries design competition spatial grid|architecture annex|finalist project team: yanhao liu, meng ma, ziye zhong, xintong zhaoquestions we asked the most in sophomore studio: what is the dimension of a stair?how long is 3 feet? what is 10 feet in meters?how tall is a stool?what is the width of a door frame? 26Design ProcessProject Detail OverviewMeasurements of space12 ftIn order to redefine the gallery space inside sophomore studio, add some new functions, and keep the current use of the gallery (pin-ups, lounge, tutorials, etc.) as much as possible, we use a well-developed grid system as the core of our design. the grid system can help these new architecture student establish their sense of scale and space.Floor & West Wall The grid we develop is in real scale, starting at 1ft x 1ft squares and ending with 4ft x 4ft squares. The grid is consist of all possible sizes of squares within the 28ft x 20ft boundary. that means students can measure any length within the boundary which is more than enough for new architecture students. label the space like scale ruleran additional 8ft-wide shelf is added at the west wall as a physical extension from the grid.North Wallcreat basic grid layout272We extend the grids onto the northern wall by creating a one-point perspective drawing, which helps visually extend the gallery into the wall, making the whole space look wider. The center of the one-point perspective can also be used as the projection screen of tutorial projections. A stair block is designed in the corner and draw the half of it onto the one-point perspective as well. The stair becomes a connection of the real world and the world inside the wall. The grid on the west wall extends out as a shelf, which emphasizes the transformation from 2D to 3D and creates an interesting and consistent aesthetic throughout the entire gallery.north wallwest wallfloor28ways of using the grid2910*10 Bedroom with standard door height6*8 Standard elevator shaft sizeStandard public bathroom size1:12 Standard ADA ramp / Standard rise and run of a staircaseStandard staircase plan view and landing areaStandard size of an ADA parking spot10*10 Standard column spacingCurves can be drawn in the grid systemWith the grid system, students can experience the spatial sequence they designed!2The storage shelf is a physical extension from the gridClose-up view of the gridSpatial Grid used as a projection background30Additional Works Travel SketchesRomedowntown champaign31Duomo Church, FlorenceSomewhere in New York Cityhvac system drawing (incubator project) cooling towerchimneyvav unitsupply return exhaust reheat coilopen to belowexhaust fresh air intake fan roomhvac system on a typical floorhvac section chillerwall sectionboilerrendering works(incubator project)(junior studio chicago brown line station project)metal coping 7â€? rigid insulationdouble pane insulating glass unit glass finhorizontal glass piece4-way spider connectiondropped ceilingglass-fin system32End of Architecture Portfolio for 2017 Summer Internship Considerationxintong charles zhao University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | 2017 B.S. Architectural Studies | Illinois School of Architecture Treasurer | Society for Business and Management in Architecture Chancellor's Scholar
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