What is Document management System Software (DMS)

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Document management System Software is a software for paper document. It helps to convert your papaer document into digital Document.
  • Easy way to find your file from number of files.
  • Is this good for your organization? Its very complicated to find any file from this all files.
  • Document Management System Software is a small solutions for your big problem. What is Document Management System ? Digitization Process? Who can Benefits ? Which type of sectors are likely to use it?
  • What is Document Management System ? Document management system software is used for different type of organization. DMS help to manage their (organization) paper documents into digital documents. Components of DMS scanning, index, storage, retrieval, sharing, tracking, metadata and workflow . Document Management System process is obsolete for retrieving document in a relatively short time period. The material such as manuscripts, registers, old books, palm leaves, maps and other important document items into and electronic/digital format.
  • Digitization Process Digitization : Digitization is a process of accelerating traditional process to digital world. The new digitalization process comprises of - Scanning/Capturing, - Quality checking for scanned images, - Storing images on most reliable repositories. And with the help of Document Management System Software (DMS), will help you to retrieve document with the help of smart keywords.
  • Digital age is new era of traditional record management system. Scaling digitization process at - Government, - Corporate & Cooperative Banks, - Educational institute and - other big private enterprises. Organizations that digitized processes can improve their bottom lines and delight end users. Most reliable organizations are all process volume has migrated to new digital process. i.e – DMS Digitization is rapidly becoming one of the standard forms of preservation for libraries, achieves and information centre. This process enabling viewable material to future generation.
  • Benefits of DMS Easy storage 2. Durability increases 3. Easy to access and accessible to multi users 4. Accessible from anywhere 5. Time saving
  • Which type of sectors are likely to use it? - Commercial Businesses, - Banking, - Non-Banking Finance & Insurance, - Government - Non-Government, - Education, - Healthcare, - Research & Development, - Construction
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