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UNDERSTANDING THE PLANETS IN OUR DESIGN A COURSE IN PLANETARY IMPRINTINGBY RA URU HU & RICHARD RUDDWELCOME to this introductory course in working with and understanding planetary imprinting. This course presupposes that you already have a working knowledge of Human Design, and in particular of channels, gates and lines. If you would like to have more complete background knowledge for understanding your design and the planets, we recommend you peruse the GeneKeys audio and book library for further information on these subjects. This set contains two different learning tools to help you begin to grasp the rudiments of how to understand the influence of the planets through the lens of Human Design. The first tool is this booklet, which gives a complete introduction to the subject. It includes colour charts and examples of how to analyse a chart using the planetary keynotes given. Each planet is also seen through its mythological associations, which can further deepen one's understanding of how it affects our design. We recommend you read the booklet first before progressing to the audio CDs. The audio CDs included in this set provide a further insight of how to use this knowledge in a practical way by analysing the example of tennis star Monica Seles. You will find the relevant chart details that accompany the CDs at the back of this booklet.INTRODUCTION When we first begin to study and learn about Human Design, we learn that the influence of the planets plays a key role in the design of who we are. In fact, no matter how much you may have learned about Human Design, it is all ultimately rooted in the movements and impact of the planetary spheres. Obviously, the effect of the planets on our lives is no new revelation, being the basis of all astrology. However, the revelation of Human Design serves to explain as well as deepen many of the patterns that astrologers have glimpsed for millennia in the stars. The key to understanding the impact of something as distant as a planet on our lives is that tiny, subatomic particle known as the neutrino. We may recall that neutrinos are extremely fine matter produced by the nuclear reactions within stars. All the stars, including our own sun, are producing neutrinos all the time. The stars out in space are constantly beaming these neutrinos at us, and being made of such fine substance, the neutrinos can pass through our bodies, as well as the body of the earth. Imagine then, how the movement of the planets around our sun must refract the neutrino information as it passes into us at the moment of our imprinting. We have two key moments of imprinting, one at 88 degrees of the sun before we are born, and the other at the instant of our actual, physical birth. At these two moments in time, the positions of the planets in our solar system are codifying the neutrino information in very specific ways as it streams through our bodies. Planets vary greatly in density and makeup. Some consist of solid rock, whilst others consist purely of layers of gases. Every planet also has its own mythology as perceived by man. One could almost say that the planets are the organs of the solar system, and we, humanity,are the brain that gives them their names. Thus our mythologies are, and always have been, our method of attuning to our greater body. Human design is a synthesis. It is a synthesis of that which we see and that which we do not see. The Bodygraph itself is in fact an illusion that is formed out of the interplay of this duality behind all life. Thus, when we are looking at the impact of the planets in the Bodygraph, we are looking at the patterns that are formed in the cosmic Stardust. These patterns operate as an overlay to the genetic material that we physically inherit from our parents and ancestors. But more than that, these cosmic patterns pass beyond our individual lifetimes and link us into an endlessly incarnating genetic chain of human beings. This cosmic genetic helix links us together across time as one evolving entity, with each of us being merely a cog in the great wheel. The planets then, are our local programming agents. This is why we have always seen them as the gods in our mythologies down the ages. Every planet, depending where it is in our design, lends its flavour to our nature, at both the conscious and the unconscious level. This is something we need to take into consideration whenever we are looking at a planet, whether it is in a centre, a gate or a line.THE PLANETS THE SUN: 70% of the Neutrino StreamHere on earth, scientists have estimated that 70% of the neutrinos that pass through the earth come from our sun. The remainder come from either Jupiter or the stars in deep space. Thus, 70% of all the neutrino information that we receive is seen in the position of our sun, at both the design and personality level. The sun represents the primary yang force of our nature. It is the archetype of the Father, just as the earth is the Mother. In fact, on doing any analysis, you can never separate the sun from the earth. They are the prime yin/yang within us all. The sun creates the electromagnetic field of the solar cell in which we live. The design sun represents the biogenetic themes inherited from our father. Look at your own design sun, and you will see the theme that you have inherited from your father. The personality sun is the window through which the very light of who we are shines out on the world.In the example below, we will look at each of the planets in turn, thus seeing how deeply we can penetrate a chart by understanding the planets and their themes. We will focus in the main on how the planets condition us through the not-self, since that is what will happen to the majority of people in the world.You will notice that the design sun is in the undefined head centre in the 24th gate, Returning, whilst the personality sun is a part of the manifesting definition, in the 33rd gate Retreat. Whenever you see the sun, either conscious or unconscious, in an undefined centre, it is as though this person's light is locked up in a room with all the shutters closed. This can create all kinds of problems in life for such people. The reason for this is because these people cannot find consistent access to 70% of who they are. They are dependant on others and on planetary conditioning to define the gate. Thus the seduction of the harmonic gate is huge, because that person hooks them up to their inner light. The person in our example will be very drawn to the 6lst gate, Inner Truth. The 243 is the line of the Addict. They will look for their inner light by going round and round inside their head, mentally trying to resolve their dilemma. This is a theme inheritedfrom their father. This person can also become deeply addicted to the conditioning of the 6lst gate, but they are never in control of when their light shines out. Given that they are an ego manifestor and a 1.3 profile that is fundamentally insecure, they will probably become extremely angry about their plight, not understanding their design. At the Conscious level, our example has the 33-1, Avoidance. This is how this person will externally deal with not being in control of their nature. They will go into retreat. Because of the anger that they often feel around others, they will tend to avoid interaction altogether. The position of the conscious sun is extremely relevant in the design, as it is like the lens through which all the other activations are lived out in the world. This is not someone who you will easily get to know. They are likely to be deeply sunk within themselves, angry and insecure that they need anyone at all. Naturally, if this person lives their design from birth, their potential is very different. From their stable place of retreat, they can resolve the mental dilemmas of others, but only by recognising their interdependence and waiting for the right moment.THE EARTH: Our grounding and stability Whereas in traditional Astrology there is no earth, Human Design begins with this basic duality of the sun/earth. Because of this, many attributes given to the moon and Venus in astrology actually belong to the earth. The earth represents the archetype of the Mother. In Human Design calculation, the Earth is always exactly opposite the Sun and as we have seen, together they represent 70% of our programming. The Earth is where we find our grounding and is our gravitational home. The energy of the sun has to be translated by the earth. In other words, the neutrino stream is grounded through our bodies. The sun/earth relationship is thus the relationship between energy and matter. Just as the plants on the earth convert the sunlight into chlorophyll, so we humans ground the solar energies through our lives. The more grounded we are, the clearer our light will shine. However, in terms of analysis, the Earth is most often about finding balance. Regardless of the stormy seas of life, if we maintain our balance we will always manage to get through. Conscious balance is about finding an integrative path for the Personality. At the unconscious level, it is through the Earth that we derive our capacity to come to grips with the world of form. Being the 'Mother', the earth is the backbone of our stability.In the example above, the Personality Earth is in the 19th Gate Approach in an undefined Root Centre. The 1st line is called Interdependence. Only through integrating with others will this person find balance. The need for retreat in the personality sun needs to be grounded in an understanding that even in retreat, this person will need others. But this is an undefined and therefore inconsistent activation that will be most heavily conditioned by the emotional principles of the harmonic gate, the 49th Gate of Revolution. The 49th gate is also the gate that represents the fear of rejection. This is someone who would rather hide to find balance than risk being rejected. The only consistent balance in this person's life will be found in the Design Earth's activation of the 44th Gate, Coming to Meet in the 3rd line of Interference: The failure to interact based on circumstances. This Gate is part of a single-definition manifesting potential. It is always active and will therefore operate consistently throughout this person's life. Where the Personality Earth needs integration and is called by the conditioning of others, their genetic tendency (inherited from the mother) is to find balance through withdrawal (the 44-3 instinctively breaks bonds). This creates an inner conflict. This person will feel uncomfortable at thepersonality level because whenever they feel a need (19th gate) to interact with others, their unconscious will instinctively begin to withdraw.THE MOON: What drives and moves usThe Earth / Moon relationship is an extraordinary one. There is no existence as we know it without the presence and influence of the Moon. If not for moon, there would be no land and thus no terrestrial life. The moon creates the gravity field on our planet in order that we can stand up and so that plants can grow upwards. The moon also pulls the tides of our oceans. Since our bodies are also 70% water, one can imagine how the moon might affect our own rhythms as deeply. Many people are unaware that the moon also magnetically pulls on the earth. In the mystical sense we all have a lunar body, for our geometry is conditioned by the nodes of the moon. The Moon's influence extends far beyond its impact in any gate. In the Triple-Matrix, a term coined by Eleanor Haspel-Porter PhD ofRave Life Sciences, it is clear that Humans are not completely Solar, but are specifically lunar in the DreamRave matrix. The Moon conditions the sleeping human and the rest of life on this planet. In Mammalian Design calculation one goes back 88 degrees of the 'Moon' to find the Design. These same criteria determine the sleeping rave's Design and thus our deepest connection to the totality (see The DreamRave Design System published by RLS). The DreamRave: The Mechanics of the Sleeping LifeThe Moon is truly what moves us. It is a driving force thematically in someone's Design. Mythically, in Design, the Moon is the eldest Daughter. She carries a responsibility to both Mother / Earth and Father / Sun. The moon is able to take the place of the Father as a source of illumination and makes possible the task of the Mother to drive and move the form, thus ensuring evolution. In the example over, the Design Moon is in the 41st gate, in an undefined root centre. This is the gate of Decrease, the gate of fantasy, desire and the root of the human experiential way. This person is moved inconsistently by desire. Their drive to embrace a new path or experience is usually the result of their root centre being defined by another person or the planetary program. Given the power of the Moon, such conditioning in the 'not-self can lead to obsession and suffering.The Personality Moon is in the 16th gate of Enthusiasm, the gate of Skills. This is part of the single Definition Manifestor structure of this example. This gate is always active and functioning and is the main voice and expression of this person. This is a lunar dominated chart. This person's drive is to express their skills. The 16.1 is called 'Delusion' and is about false enthusiasm. The fantasy theme dominates these lunar activations. The uncontrollable Manifestor can easily be driven to express fantasy as though it were reality. This is also someone with a strong ego, so once they have expressed a fantasy as fact, they will feel the deep need to ensure that they are not liars. This is the kind of child that lies without knowing they are lying: 'Yes, I did my assignment.'They may indeed have fantasised and daydreamed of doing their assignment. Obviously, once they have expressed it as fact on the outside, they will likely be forced to prove it. All is well as long as they are not caught, but their profoundest teaching will always be when they are.MERCURY: What must be CommunicatedAccording to popular mythology, Mercury is the winged messenger of the Gods. Some mystics have even referred to Mercury as the older brother of the Sun. Regardless, this myth is rooted in information transference. Geographically, Mercury is closest to the Sun and thus metaphorically has its ear. In Human Design 'mythology' Mercury has a unique role in programming the Personality Crystal from the time it enters into the body until birth. This is because Mercury has a revolution around the sun of 88 days, thus it has a direct correlation with the 88/89 day period during which the personality crystal is programmed. In this context, Mercury is God of the mental plane and as such is the 'creator' of the Maya. However, on the mundane level, Mercury activations in the Rave chart always point to essential concepts needing expression. What we need to communicate creates a pressure within us. We are after all communicative creatures. So the specialised Mercury themes are important for us to express. In the example above, the Personality Mercury is in the 62nd gate of Detail. The throat is defined and linked to a motor. This is an active principle in the life.This is someone who will always insist on discussing the details. However, the line is called Self Discipline and mercury is in detriment, fixing the line: The skills but not the discipline to succeed. They will not necessarily discuss all the details and will rarely have looked into the details enough before acting. The secret of detriments is that they always point to a need for acceptance. In this case, they have to accept that not having all the details will always put their personal actions at risk. However, the articulating skills are there. This is simply a genetic continuity for this manifestor design. They know they have the talent to express themselves through detail, but they usually lack the correct timing. Their tendency will be to express themselves anyway, regardless of the detail being present. As long as they follow their strategy of informing before they act, or speak, they will encounter much less resistance. The Design Mercury is in the 24th gate of Rationalisation in an undefined Ajna centre. When the unconscious Mercury is defined and has access to the throat, one begins to notice that surprising concepts get stated. This is often the 'channelled voice or whispering angel'. This can cause the discomfort of making profound statements without knowing their source. It is usuallyinterpreted as either, 'why did I say that?' (one way in which the unconscious can communicate and stimulate the conscious) or 'who said that through me?' This is a new age description of a familiar phenomenon that is essentially only mechanical. In our example, the activation is in an undefined centre and is not connected to the throat. It is only through others that the seed of their expression will come out. This is someone who will always walk away from a conversation knowing there was something that they wanted to say but didn't and not know what it was.VENUS: Our ValuesVenus is an archetype that so often is misunderstood. Unlike her counterpart, Mars, she is subtle and contradictory. The fact that Venus is generally linked to themes of love, art and beauty is atestament to how wily she can be, for there is another, hidden side to her nature. Certainly there is truth in the attributed relating capacities of Venus and the importance of the Venusian influence on art. However, there is a darker side to Venus the lover. It is Venus as executioner. She was worshipped by the Mayans as the 'eye' and placated with ritual mass executions at her rising. Friday, Venus day, is still the day of punishment and execution in the Islamic world. She is truly a force to contend with. Where the Moon holds on to the past, like the footsteps of astronauts that will remain the same for a relative eternity, Venus rushes headlong towards the flames of the Sun in every moment. If we think about the prevailing myths of Venus and Mars as male/female archetypes, it is actually Venus who carries the fire of rebellion. Mars is cool iron. It is either the values that Venus desires to impose, or the values she that she challenges that can give direction to Mars' fury. She is not here to maintain traditions. She is here to maintain female power. Values are more powerful then laws. In each chart, through the position of the activations of the Personality and Design Venus, we can see the basic values program. Venus shows us what values will dominate as themes in the life. The graph below gives an indication of the depth of the impact of Venus in Design. Either exalted or in detriment, Venus is a fixing factor in 46 of the 64 Gates. In Design the female archetype is expressed through three conditioning variations: Earth, the Mother, the Moon, the eldest Daughter, and Venus, the youngest daughter. As the youngest, she is the worldly daughter, not caught in the responsibilities of the eldest Daughter who is driven to maintain the traditions of the Mother. It is the youngest Daughter who brings rebellion, and the mutation of set values out of experience. The interpretation of the imprinting of Venus is too often based on the Roman model.THE IMPACT OF VENUS IN THE WHEELIn the illustrations over, Venus is both integrated in the chart, and isolated. The Design is that of a Single Definition Ego Manifestor with Splenic Authority. Their strategy in life is to inform before they act, in order to avoid resistance. The Design Venus and its associated values will dominate strongly in this Design. The 12th gate is part of the Definition and is always active. By looking through Venus' filter at the 12th gate Standstill and the 15th gate Modesty, we can see what this person values in life. They will value Love (
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