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  • Sprint Social – Accept payments anywhere on the web Sell Without an eCommerce store. Sprint Social is a WP Plugin that add a fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store. Sprint Social is a WordPress plugin. You'll need your own domain name with WordPress installed in order to be able to generate payment links. (Your website does not have to be current/used/nicely designed. It can simply be a place where create Sprint Social payment links.) http://crownreviews.com/sprint-social-review-bonus/ What Is Sprint Social? Check out these scenarios and I will tell you some solution you can do to profit with Tracy New Product - Sprint Social!!! You Have A Product To Sell But No eCommerce Store Problem : You run a consultancy business and have no eCommerce store (and no need for one!). You write a monthly report and want to sell the report to your clients. How do you get paid hassle free? Solution : You add a Sprint Social payment link in an email you send announcing the report and/or you drop a Sprint Social payment link on your social media accounts. Sprint Social collects payments and delivers your product. You have a physical store and market on a Facebook Page Problem : You're a small store owner who sells limited quantity items in a local market. You post new stock on a Facebook fan page. People engage , ask about price and availablity but call into your store to buy. Solution : You add a Sprint Social payment link to the post allowing interested buyers to purchase immediately and collect their item from your store. You're a lawn maintenance guy who mows lawns monthly Problem : You have regular clients you do work for offline but collecting payment can be a hassle. Solution : Give your clients a unique Sprint Social link. They can use this link to pay until you set it to expire if and when you service end.
  • You're a regular Joe who wants to sell a personal item fast Problem : You're an individual who has just upgraded to a 60inch TV. You want to sell your 30 inch TV. Solution : Post a Sprint Social link to your social media account and ask your friends to help you sell by sharing your post and payment link with their friends and network. I guess right now you all have something in your mind about this product. When you don't need a full eCommerce setup, use Sprint Social to get paid for just about anything through easy to distribute payment links Sprint Social is a WP Plugin that add a fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store. Sprint Social is a WordPress plugin. You'll need your own domain name with WordPress installed in order to be able to generate payment links. (Your website does not have to be current/used/nicely designed. It can simply be a place where create Sprint Social payment links.) How Does Sprint Social Work? Special Features of Sprint Social: Look how easy it is to get paid for ANYTHING anywhere on the web
  • Generate unique Sprint Social payment links to take payments for digital products, services and even physical products It takes a PAYPAL account, a WordPress blog + 1 MINUTE to create & share a purchase link! Quickly set price, stock and description. Add a download file (if selling digital goods) and an image to quickly generate a shareable link. Drop Sprint Social payment links in front of customers & clients anywhere on the web & watch your links GO VIRAL Sprint Social payment links are made to be shared with your network, fans or private clients. It's a quick click for your loyal followers to share, retweet or forward your post, sending your payment links viral!
  • Sprint Social takes buyers directly to PayPal for payment* to make payment easy and hassle free. Once a payment is made, new customers/payees are registered and the product is delivered (if a digital download) or text of your choice displayed (if a shipped product or a fee collection). *more payment integrations coming
  • The Sale is recorded & theproduct is delivered. Simple! The buyer and transaction are registered and the product or welcome message delivered automatically.
  • How It Works: It takes just 4 easy steps to get started Step 1: Download the Sprint Social plugin from the member dashboard. Step 2: Install the plugin on a WordPress site. This takes 1 minute. Step 3: Describe your product/service. Add product details, price, description, image. Step 4: Share anywhere and start collecting payments! Minutes from now you can start accepting payments without an eCommerce store with links that can easily go viral ... Who Should Use Sprint Social? Anybody from digital entrepreneurs to grandma's selling knitted cat coats can use Sprint Social to take payments anywhere! Collect payments for ebooks, training, software .... Collect payment for coaching, freelancing services, training Collect payments for physical goods, limited items or one off items Sprint Social is very easy to setup. It takes 10 minutes to connect to your social media accounts accounts. The rest is simple. Creating a link, takes minutes. We provide a detailed tutorial on using Sprint Social for those who need it. Why Should You Get Sprint Social Now ?
  • Sprint Social Features Make Selling Products Without a Store Hassle Free Unique link tracking across differnt platforms (Facebook/blog etc) Analytics to track performace of links across platforms Expire links when product is no longer available/sold out Automatically share new links on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest Custom shortcode for sharing payment links in blog posts Custom link url matches your own domain Customize text on download page with a unique customer message Customize email text & subject sent to buyers Search transaction and payments recieved Change price and links in the wild automatically update Download protection with custom security settings Provide custom message/instructions on download page Why Wait For Traffic To Find YOU? Sprint Social Brings Your Products to Millions of Potential Buyers in the Places Where They Already Hangout ... Instead of waiting for traffic to come to your eCom store, take your product links directly to the traffic. Share your links where buyers are already waiting, on your fan pages, your twitter account, YouTube, in email ... anywhere! Then sit back & watch them send your payment link viral for even more sales! ... Imagine Driving Viral Payments From Free Social Media Traffic Engage with buyers pre and post sale in real time on Social Media. The conversations begins ... Generate social proof and real time engagement with buyers. Get chatting immediately with new buyers to provide further information or support.
  • Buyers love that you're accessible making their experience a positive one. Watch as your new buyers share their positive experience and send your payment link viral! The Best Part Is It's 100% Automated & Secure Your Files Are Immediately Delivered Securely To You Buyers Sprint Social will deliver digital files automatically after payment. After payments, buyers are immediately taken to a page with a download link. The download link is also sent via email. Use Sprint Social's security feature to protect file downloads from unauthorized sharing by setting download timeouts by numbers, time period or IP address. Conclusion Try Sprint Social With A 30 Day RISK FREE Guarantee Once you start using Sprint Social links to sell anywhere on the web, you'll never want to stop. That's why you are provide a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Sprint Social delivers your product securely. The links cannot be shared and downloads can be limited by time, number and IP address. That means you have no risk to take, so what are you waiting for, go and get it!! http://crownreviews.com/sprint-social-review-bonus/ Sprint Social,Sprint Social review,Sprint Social review and bonus,Sprint Social reviews,Sprint Social reviews and bonuses,Sprint Social discount,Sprint Social bonus,Sprint Social bonuses,Sprint Social review and discount,Sprint Social review in detail,Sprint Social ultimate review,Sprint Social coupon,Sprint Social demo,Sprint Social demo review,Sprint Social huge discount,Sprint Social discount coupon,Sprint Social download, Get Sprint Social,Sprint Social review demo and bonus,Sprint Social massive bonus,Sprint Social specific review,Sprint Social particular review and bonus, Where to buy Sprint Social,Sprint Social review comparison,Sprint Social biggest bonus,Sprint Social demo product,Sprint Social demo in action,Sprint Social secret review,
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