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  • Junos- JN0-102 Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos) Pass Junos- JN0-102Exam In 24 Hours 100% REAL EXAM QUESTIONS ANSWERS Get All PDF with Complete Questions Answers File from 100% Exam Passing Guarantee & Money Back Assurance
  • SAMPLE QUESTIONS QUESTION: 1 What are two ways that packet fragmentation is handled differently between IPv6 and IPv4? (Choose two.) End hosts determine the path MTU for IPv6. End hosts determine the path MTU for IPv4. Packet fragmentation occurs at intermediate nodes for IPv4. Packet fragmentation occurs at intermediate nodes for IPv6. Answer: AC Question: 2 In dotted decimal notation, what is the equivalent of 11010101 01000010 01111111 11000010? A. B. C. D. Answer: A Question: 3 What is the binary equivalent of A. 11110011 10101000 01011110 01111100 B. 11110010 10101010 01011110 01111100 C. 11110010 10101000 01011110 01111100 D. 11110010 10101000 01010110 01111100 Answer: C
  • Question: 4 What is the last usable IP address in the network? A. B. C. D. Answer: C Question: 5 How many host addresses are available in the /28 network? 6 14 28 30 Answer: B Question: 6 What are three benefits of using IPv6? (Choose three.) IPv6 supports a greater level of security by integrating features that were optional add-ons in IPv4. IPv6 reduces administrative overhead using stateless address autoconfiguration for hosts. IPv6 eliminates the need for private to public NAT using a large address pool. IPv6 provides backward compatibility with IPv4 using the Next Header field. IPv6 represents large IP addresses using dotted decimal notation. Answer: ABC
  • Question: 7 Which statement is correct about the forwarding table? The forwarding table is stored only on the PFE. The forwarding table contains all known routes. The forwarding table is stored on both the RE and PFE. The forwarding table is stored only on the RE. Answer: C Question: 8 Which statement describes exception traffic? Exception traffic must be sent to the PFE for processing. Exception traffic enters one ingress port and is sent out multiple egress ports. Exception traffic is rate-limited on the internal link to prevent DoS attacks. Exception traffic is processed after forwarding traffic when congestion exists. Answer: C Question: 9 How does the PFE handle unicast transit traffic destined for an existing forwarding table entry? It sends the traffic through one egress port toward its destination. It sends the traffic through multiple egress ports to all available receivers. It sends the traffic through an internal link to the RE. It sends the traffic to the local system for further processing. Answer: A
  • Question: 10 Which two design goals describe the Junos OS design? (Choose two.) clean separation of security and routing policies clean separation of control and forwarding planes modularization of multiple software processes a single hardware platform for all software applications Answer: BC Buy Complete Questions Answers File from 100% Exam Passing Guarantee & Money Back Assurance PDF Version + Test Engine Software Version 60 Days Free Updates Service Valid for All Countries
  • Pass4sure JN0-102 PDF Questions Answers 100% latest PDF + Test Engine braindumps Actual Question Answers from Real Exam Real Pass4sure JN0-102 Dumps MCQ's, Hotspot and Drag Drop Written and Verified by Experts https://www.pass4sureexam. com/JN0-102.html
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