Mold Remediation - Process of Eliminating Black Mold

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Carolina Water Damage Restoration is one of the leading mold remediation and mold Removal Company serving at Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, and Wake Forest, NC. In PPT, We shared information of how to find and remove mold from your places. For more information about Mold Remediation and Mold Removal process then call us @ +1 919-302-2729 or visit us @
  • Mold Remediation: Process of Eliminating Black Mold
  • 1 - Eliminating the Source of the Mold 1) Check if there is a leak in the roof
  • 2) Ensure proper ventilation and air circulation
  • 3) Try to allow additional natural light
  • 4) Improve insulation
  • 5) Check if there is a large colony of mold on the other side of the ceiling and remove if so
  • 6) Use a dehumidifier
  • 7) Keep shower doors open and fan on for 15 minutes after shower
  • 8) Hang up towels in another room
  • 2 - Removing the Mold 1) Recognize the signs of mold problems
  • 2) Remove mold quickly after discovering it
  • 3) Find a safe way to reach the mold
  • 4) Examine the material used to construct the ceiling
  • 5) Put the ladder in the correct position
  • 6) Remove the paint using a paint scraper
  • 7) Use gloves to protect your hands and wear old clothes
  • 8) Make a mold removal solution
  • 9) Wear safety goggles and a mask or respirator
  • 10) Spray the cleaning solution on the visible mold on the ceiling
  • 11) Scrub the mold using the rough side of a scouring sponge
  • 12) Rinse the sponge often to prevent spread of the mold
  • 13) Spray with the solution again
  • 14) Allow ceiling to dry
  • 15) Sand down the ceiling
  • 16) Repaint using specially formulated paint
  • About Carolina Water Damage Restoration Carolina Water Damage Restoration has a team of IICRC certified experts who have the training and experience to identify and test different types of mold in your home or residence. Even if you already know where mold is growing in your home it is a good idea to perform a mold inspection since visible mold growth often means there is more mold growing somewhere out of view. One of our Mold Remediation Raleigh NC based Contractors will strategically locate the source and form a remediation plan that will best suit your needs.
  • Contact us: Carolina Water Damage Restoration Website: Email: Contact No: +1 919-302-2729 Address: 103 Beasley Ct, Cary, NC, United States - 27513 Social Media: Facebook: Gplus: Yelp:
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