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1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights…
  • 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net (1) FOURTH PERIODICAL TEST MATHEMATICS - V Name: ______________________________________ Score: ____________ Grade/Section: _______________________________ Date: _____________ Answer each question. Choose the letter of the correct answer. ______ 1. A pencil is 20cm long. How long it is in meters? a. 2m b. 0.2m c. 0.02m d. 0.002m ______ 2. Which of the following unit is used to express volume? a. m b. m2 c. m3 d. m5 ______ 3. A square floor tile measures 40cm. What is its area? 40cm2 b. 1600m2 c. 80m2 d. 120cm2 ______ (4-6 Refer to the figure) 8cm ______ 4. What is the radius of the can? a. 8cm b. 4cm c. 2cm d. 3cm ______ 5. What is the circumference of the can? a. 25.12cm b. 6.28cm c. 12.56cm d. 8.43cm ______ 6. What is the area of the top surface of the can. a. 18.84cm2 b. 331.4cm2 c. 50.24cm2 d. 150.72cm2 ______ 7. What is the area of the trapezoid given below? a. 36cm2 b. 72cm2 c. 80cm2 d. 76cm2 20cm 4cm 18cm ______ 8. Convert 1800 centimeter to meter. a. 0.18m b. 1.8m c. 18m d. 180m ______ 9. Give the area of a Triangle whose base is 12cm and an altitude of 10cm. a. 6cm2 b. 60cm2 c. 600cm2 d. 0.60cm2 ______ 10. Find the Area of a rectangle with 5cm long and 4cm wide. a. 2000cm2 b. 0.2cm2 c. 20cm2 d. 0.002cm2 ______ 11. An orchard measures 28m by 35m. How big is the orchard? a. 78m2 b. 985m2 c. 980m2 d. 789m2 ______ 12. What is the area of a rectangular garden which is 25m long and 12m wide? a. 30m2 b. 40m2 c. 300m2 d. 400m2 ______ 13. A sailboat has a triangular sail with a base of 15dm and an altitude with 25dm. How many square dm is the area of the sail? a. 18.75dm2 b. 1.875dm2 c. 187.5dm2 d. 1875dm2 ______ 14. Find the volume of a rectangular prism whose width is 2cm, height of 3cm and a length of 4cm. a. 20cm3 b. 24cm3 c. 28cm3 d. 30cm3 PaGe - 2
  • 2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net ______ 15. Find the volume of the cube whose edge is 3dm long. a. 27dm3 b. 30dm3 c. 36dm3 d. 45dm3 ______ 16. The base of a trapezoid measures 10m and 15.5m and a height of 8m. What is the Area? a. 102m2 b. 120m2 c. 1200m2 d. 120.2m2 ______ 17. A circular flower plot has a radius of 5m. What is its area? a. 7.852m2 b. 78.5m2 c. 785m2 d. 785.5m2 ______ 18. Find the length of the radius of a circle whose circumference is 20cm. round your answer to the nearest tenth. a. 3.2cm b. 32cm c. 0.32cm d. 0.032cm ______ 19. A piece of wood is 15dm by 3dm by 2dm. Find its volume. a. 9000dm3 b. 900dm3 c. 90dm3 d. 9dm3 ______ 20. A container measures 35cm by 45cm by 52cm. What is the volume of the container? a. 81900cm3 b. 89100m3 c. 91800cm3 d. 18900cm3 (21-24.) Choose from the correct unit of measurement being described. Write only the letter of the correct answer. A. centimeter B. millimeter C. kilometer D. meter ______ 21. the smallest unit of measure among the group. ______ 22. the unit that best expresses road distances in South Luzon Expressways. ______ 23. the largest unit of measure among the group. ______ 24. the most reasonable unit for measuring thickness of a book. ______ 25. The boiling point of alcohol is 78 C. How many degrees Celsius greater is the boiling point of water than the boiling point of alcohol? a. 22 ⁰C b. 178 ⁰C c. 50 ⁰C d. 16 ⁰C For numbers 26-33, refer to the bar graph below. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Aluminum gold iron lead magnesium silver Melting Point of Different Types of Metals in Degree Celsius PaGe - 3
  • 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net ______ 26. What type of graph is shown above? a. Line graph c. Vertical bar graph b. Pictograph d. Horizontal bar graph ______ 27. Which metal has the highest melting point? a. aluminum b. lead c. iron d. silver ______ 28. Which metal has the lowest melting point? a. gold b. iron c. magnesium d. lead ______ 29. Which metal has almost the same melting point as aluminium? a. silver b. magnesium c. lead d. iron ______ 30. Tungsten is a metal used in light bulbs. If its melting point is ten times that of lead, what is the melting point of tungsten. a. 300 ⁰ C b. 3000 ⁰C c. 30 000 ⁰C d. 300 000 ⁰C ______ 31. Which metal has a melting point almost one-half that of magnesium. a. silver b. lead c. gold d. iron ______ 32. If all the metal has heated in a flame with a temperature of 400 C, which will melt first. a. gold b. lead c. silver d. aluminium ______ 33. If all the metals are heated in a flame of with a temperature of 1000 C, which will not Melt first. a. iron b. gold c. silver d. magnesium For numbers 34-40, refer to the bar graph below. Length and Area of a Tile 120 E 110 100 D 90 80 C 70 60 B 50 40 A 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ______ 34. What is the interval used in the x-axis? a. 10cm b. 5cm c. 20cm d. 1cm ______ 35. What is the interval used in y-axis? a. 5cm b. 20cm c. 2cm d. 10cm PaGe - 4
  • 4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net ______ 36. Point C is the intersection of which pair of x and y axis? a. 7cm and 80cm b. 7cm and 90cm c. 8cm and 80cm d. 8cm and 90cm For numbers 37-40, refer to the bar graph below. Year Harvested Number of Harvested Mangoes 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 Legend: = 1 big basket of mangoes ______ 37. Which year has the great number of mangoes harvested? a. 2009 b. 2008 c. 2007 d. 2006 ______ 38. Which year has the least number of mangoes harvested? a. 2009 b. 2008 c. 2007 d. 2006 ______ 39. What year has the same number of mangoes harvested? 2009 and 2005 c. 2006 and 2007 b. 2008 and 2006 d. 2005 and 2008 ______ 40. Give the average number of baskets of mangoes harvested from the year 2004-2009. a. 30 basket b. 40 basket c. 50 basket d. 60 basket ______ 41. Which of the following given is the normal body temperature. a. 30⁰C b. 34⁰C c. 35⁰C d. 37⁰C ______ 42. What is the boiling point of water? a. 0⁰C b. 10⁰C c. 100⁰C d. none of these ______ 43. Which of the following is the freezing point of water? a. -10⁰C b. 0⁰C c. 10⁰C d. 100⁰C ______ 44. The temperature outside is 38⁰C. Which of the following should you wear? a. A light jacket c. A heavy coat b. A sweater d. A pair of shorts and shirt ______ 45. Someone says the day’s temperature is 90⁰. What scale is that person using? a. Celsius b. Kelvin c. Fahrenheit d. cannot be determined ______ 46. The temperature on a cool day in the Philippines is about: a. 10⁰C b. 22⁰C c. 35⁰C d. 100⁰C ______ 47. Convert 50⁰F to ⁰C. a. 5⁰C b. 10⁰C c. 50⁰C d. 75⁰C PaGe - 5
  • 5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net ______ 48. Express 40⁰C to ⁰F. a. 84⁰F b. 94⁰F c. 104⁰F d. 114⁰F ______ 49. Convert 90⁰C to ⁰F. a. 194⁰F b. 195⁰F c. 196⁰F d. 197⁰F ______ 50. Express 77⁰F to ⁰C. a. 20⁰C b. 25⁰C c. 30⁰C d. 35⁰C PaGe - 6
  • 6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2016 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net (1) FOURTH PERIODICAL TEST SCIENCE - V Name: ______________________________________ Score: ____________ Grade/Section: _______________________________ Date: _____________ I. Direction: Read the questions carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1. What are the molten rocks inside the earth called? A. Lava B. Magma C. Igneous Rock D. Sedimentary Rock 2. What process breaks rocks into smaller pieces to become soil? A. Erosion B. Abrasion C. Pounding D. Weathering 3. Which process can bring about chemical weathering? A. oxidation B. roots of trees C. freezing water D. wave action 4. What kind of soil has silt and an organic material? A. Gravel B. Pebbles C. Humus D. Loam 5. In which kind of rocks are fossils usually found? A. Shale B. Dolomite C. Limestone D. Marble 6. Which is the softest rock? A. Talc B. Felsites C. Pumice D. Diamond 7. What physical characteristic of rocks refers to the color of its powdery materials? A. Malleability B. Hardness C. Streak D. luster 8. Which are the best agents of chemical weathering? A. Wind and water C. Roots of the plants B. Water and acid D. Water and plants 9. What can cause a sedimentary rock to change to metamorphic rock? A. extreme heat and pressure C. extreme amount of water B. extreme erosion D. extreme gravity 10. When a volcano erupts, molten rocks flows on the earth’s surface. What is this called? A. Lava B. Granite C. Mudstone D. Extreme gravity 11. Which is a sedimentary rock? A. Pumice B. Sandstone C. Basalt D. Dolomite 12. Which process causes a change in the composition of minerals in rocks? A. Pounding C. Mechanical weathering B. Abrasion D. Chemical weathering 13. It is the hardest mineral that only its kind can scratch or cut it. A. Diamond B. quartz C. Topaz D. talc 14. Which sedimentary rock is made from mud and fine silt or clay? A. Conglomerate B. Sandstone C. Shale D. Dolomite 15. Which means to “have been changed”? A. Igneous B. Metamorphic C. Sedimentary D. Dolomite 16. It is a small, local weather disturbance that is also known as “low pressure area.” A. tropical depression C. tropical storm B. tropical disturbance D. tropical cyclone 17. A is a developing cyclone with a wind speed of 63 to 117 kilometers per hour. A. tropical depression C. tropical storm B. tropical disturbance D. tropical cyclone 18. It is the strongest typhoon ever recorded to make landfall. A. Typhoon Haiyan C. Typhoon Frank B. Typhoon Thelma D. Typhoon Sendong PaGe - 7
  • 7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2016 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net 19. Storms that are given local name once they enter this area. A. Philippine Region of Responsibility B. Philippine Area of Responsibility C. Philippine Boundary Lines D. Philippine Atmospheric Area 20. Is defined as a storm with violent, rotating winds. The winds spiral around a low pressure region. A. Hurricanes C. typhoon B. storm surge D. tornadoes 21. The following statements tells about preparations before the typhoon, EXCEPT. A. Check the house for possible damage. C. Listen or watch storm advisories. B. Store food for the family. D. Prepare flashlight and batteries. 22. The eye of a typhoon is . A. the region with a calm weather in a tropical cyclone B. the region with the most violent, rotating winds C. the outside region of the cyclone as seen from a satellite D. the most prone to landslide 23. This Public Storm Warning Signal means that the typhoon has a wind speed of 100 kph to 185 kph. Colleges, Universities, and some offices are already suspended. A. Signal # 1 B. Signal # 2 C. Signal # 3 D. Signal # 4 24. It is the government agency that releases Public Storm Warning Signals. A. NDRRMC B. DPWH C. MMDA D. PAGASA 25. It is the abnormal rising of water level resulting from a typhoon. A. Tornado B. Squall C. tsunami D. storm surge 26. Which of the following global wind system could stop a ship from moving? A. Doldrums C. Horse Latitudes B. Trade Winds D. Prevailing Westerlies and Easterlies 27. Which wind produce hot desert places? A. Doldrum C. Horse Latitudes B. Trade Winds D. Prevailing Westerlies and Easterlies 27. Wind is caused by______________. A. Conduction cells in the atmosphere. B. Areas of different precipitation. C. Cold air rising and warm air sinking. D. The unequal heating of the Earth’s surface by the sun. 28. Which of the following is the effect of very strong winds of public storm signal # 4 to transportation system? A. It is safe to travel both in air and in sea. C. Travel by air is allowed but not in sea. B. Travel by sea is allowed but not in air. D. Travel by air and sea are stopped/cancelled. 29. Why can’t we feel any strong wind even the PAG-ASA announced that the typhoon is right over our town? A. The town is near a mountain. C. The town is away from the typhoon. B. The typhoon is not a strong one. D. The eye of the typhoon is over the town. 30. How long does one moon cycle last? A. 1 day B. 29.5 days C. 365 days D. 930 days 31. How many moon phases can be recognized? A. 1 B. 4 C. 8 D. 12 PaGe - 8
  • 8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2016 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net 32. After the new moon, how long does it take for the full moon to appear? A. 12 B. 30 C. 2 D. 7 33. In which side of the moon does the light appears during a gibbous waning and waxing moon? A. Right B. Left C. Upper D. Lower 34. Which of the following is the consequence of the fact that the rotation and revolution periods of the moon are the same? A. All lunar phases can be seen on earth. B. The moon keeps the same path turned toward the earth. C. The moon can never be seen from one hemisphere of the earth. D. There are about 12 months per year 36. The darkest part of the moon’s shadow is _____________. A. waxing gibbous B. umbra C. waning D. penumbra 37. How often does the moon pass over a particular spot on Earth’s surface causing tides as a result of its gravitational pull? A. once every 10 seconds B. once every 12 hours and 25 minutes C. once every 24 hours and 50 minutes D. once every 14 days 38. Which two phases of the moon do neap tides take place? A. New moon, full moon C. Third quarter moon, full moon B. New moon, first quarter moon D. First quarter moon, third quarter moon 39. What causes tides? A. Moon’s rotation on its axis C. Gravitational pull of the sun and the moon B. Strong winds D. Earth’s revolution around the sun 40. What occurs when the moon is between the sun and Earth? A. lunar eclipse C. low tide B. solar eclipse D. high tide 41. The nearest star to the Earth is_____________. A. Andromeda C. Sun B. Polaris D. Orion 42. The color of the star is related to its________________. A. Size B. Energy B. shape and size D. size and temperature 43. Some stars look brighter and bigger than the other stars because___________________. A. They are young. C. They are near Earth. B. They are really big. D. All of these. 44. What star color is the hottest? A. Blue B. Orange C. red D. yellow 45. What is a star made up of? i. helium ii. Nitrogen iii. Hydrogen A. i and ii B. I and iii C. ii and iii D. I, ii, and iii 46. Which is not true about super giant stars? A. They are cool. C. They are bluish white. B. They are enormous. D. They are red or deep orange PaGe - 9
  • 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2016 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net 47. Once there were no clocks to tell time. People relied on constellations. Which is NOT a way that people used constellations to tell time? A. Farmers studied constellations to mark seasons. B. Sailors used constellations to steer their ships at night. C. Construction workers used constellations to build roads. D. None of the above. 48. Which is a zodiac constellation? A. Big Dipper C. Cassiopeia B. Sagittarius D. Orion 49. Which is also called the North Star? A. Little Dipper C. Polaris B. Big Dipper D. Pegasus 50. Why are constellations important? A. They are used to praise gods. B. They help mariners and navigators find directions. C. They brighten the sky with their beautiful patterns D. They are used to tell horoscopes or fortune telling in astrology. PaGe - 10
  • 10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net (1) IKAAPAT NA MARKAHANG PAGSUSULIT SA EDUKASYON sa PAGPAPAKATAO – V Pangalan: ____________________________________ Iskor: _____________ Baytang: _____________________________________ Petsa: _____________ I. PANUTO: Basahin at unawain ang mga sumusunod na sitwasyon. Isulat sa patlang ang tamang sagot. 1. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang nagpapakita ng batang matulungin. A. Igalang ang kapwa C. Alalayan ang matandang tumawid B. Magsabi ng totoo D. Lahat ng nabanggit 2. Namasyal ka kasama si nanay. Nakita mong may tumatawid na matanda. Ano ang gagawin mo A. Huwag mo na lamang pansinin. B. Sasabihin mo na lamang na mag-iingat siya. C. Pagtatawanan mo siya. D. Magpaalam sa nanay at ihahatid ang matanda sa tawiran. 3. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang nagpapakita ng pagsunod sa utos ng diyos? A. Ibigin mo ang Diyos ng higit sa lahat. B. Magnakaw ka. C. Huwag mong igalang ang nanay at tatay mo. D. Nararapat na ikaw ay magnasa sa kapwa mo. 4. Bakit kailangan igalang ang kapwa? A. Para walang magalit sayo. C. Para manatili ang katahimikan. B. Para Masaya ang lahat. D. Para igalang ka rin ng kapwa mo. 5. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi tama? A. Igalang mo ang ang iyong ama at ina. C. Huwag kang magbintang. B. Huwag kang makiapid. D. Nararapat na ikaw ay magnakaw. 6. Maraming nilabhang damit ang nanay. Ipinapasampay ito kay Ana. Ano ang dapat gawin ni Ana? A. Itago ang damit na ipinasasampay ni nanay. B. Magkunwari na hindi narinig ang utos ni nanay. C. Pagtiyagaang isampay ang mga damit para makatulong sa nanay. D. Iutos sa nakakabatang kapatid. 7. Katatapos lamang ng malakas na bagyo, tulong-tulong ang mga tao sa inyong pamayanan upang maglinis. Ano ang gagawin mo? A. Manood sa paglilinis. B. Manatili sa kwarto. C. Sumali sa paglilinis at gawin ang makakaya. D. Ibalita sa media ang naganap na pagtutulungan sa kumunidad. 8. Magpapakain para sa batang lansangan ang organisasyong pangkababaihan sa inyong lugar. Ano ang maari mong maitulong? A. Tumulong sa paghahanda para sa mga batang lansangan. B. Magboluntaryo sa susunod na pagpapakain. C. Makikain kasama ang mga bata. D. Umuwi na lamang. 9. Bakit tayo nagdarasal? A. Para sa mga taong nangangailangan ng tulong ispiritwalidad. B. Para sa mga gustong manalo ng luto. C. Para magkaroon ng bagong gadget. D. Lahat ng nabanggit. 10. Ano ang pinakamahalagang regalong kaloob ng diyos? A. Magkaroon ng bagong gadget. B. Ang magkaroon ng buhay. C. Magkaroon ng masasarap na pakain. D. Wala sa nabanggit. B. Lagyan ng angkop na salita ang bawat patlang na nagpapakita ng pangangalaga sa bawat bahagi ng katawan at ang kahalagahan nito. Piliin sa kahon ang tamang sagot 11. May mga __________ tayo upang makita ang kagandahan ng paligid, at makita ang katotothanan. 12. May mga __________ tayo na ginagamit upang mahawakan ang mga bagay at mag- abot ng tulong sa iba 13. May mga __________ upang makinig sa mga makabuluhang bagay at makinig sa hinaing ng iba. 14. Ang __________ ang siyang ginagamit upang kumain ng masusustansiyang pagkain, at hindi magsabi ng PaGe - 11
  • 11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ⓒ 2017 LiGhT | All Rights Reserved. | For Personal Use Only. www.slideshare.net nakakasakit na salita. 15. Ang __________ ang siyang ginagamit upang makahinga at magkalinga sa mga nalulumbay. C. Panuto: Lagyan ng (heart )kung ang ipinapahayag nito ay tama (bilog) naman kung Mali. ______ 16. Ang pangangalaga sa
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