IUI Procedure And Success Rates

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  • slide 2: Q: What is IUI and how is it done Ans: Intrauterine Insemination popularly known as IUI is performed by threading a very thin flexible catheter through the cervix and injecting washed sperm directly into the uterus. Most couples will prefer to use a proven Natural Fertility Method before considering IUI Q: What is the success rate for IUI Ans: Success is reported to be just under 6 and as high as 26 per cycle. The low statistics are with one follicle while multiple follicles resulted in as high 26 percent success. Another influencing factor is sperm count. Higher sperm counts increase the odds of success. Q: How much does IUI cost Ans: Prices varies considerably so you might consult your doctor or clinic. Someone doing a natural IUI cycle may spend only 200 while someone on injectable medications with monitoring may spend 5000-6000.Generally costs of infertility treatments varied depending on which cycle-based treatment was chosen. For example the average cost of a medication-only cycle is about 1182 while the cost of one cycle of IVF was 24373. IVF with donor eggs cost even more averaging 38015. google data Q: What Are The Risks Involved In IUI Ans:The main risks are some discomfort such as cramping minor injury to the cervix that leads to bleeding or spotting or introduction of infection including sexually transmitted disease from the sperm itself — it helps to be sure of the known donors health or use carefully monitored frozen specimens. There are also risks of hyperstimulation associated with the use of ovulation induction medications such as clomiphene citrate low risk and gonadotropin therapy higher risk. Proper technique and adequate monitoring however reduce risks.
  • slide 3: Q: Is Bleeding Common After An IUI Ans:It doesnt usually happen but it isnt uncommon. It is most common to have some bleeding if the doctor had trouble reaching the cervix. Some women also have light bleeding with ovulation. Q: How Come I Feel Wetter After The IUI — Like The Sperm Is Falling Out Ans: The catheter loosens cervical mucus and lets it come out more easily. It is common to see more fertile mucus after an IUI for this reason as well as the fact that well-timed IUI should be close to ovulation. Q: Can IUI Be Used For Gender Selection Ans: Yes sperm can be washed or spun to increase the odds of having a male or female offspring. The techniques arent 100 percent effective. Q: Can IUI Be Done At Home Ans: An IUI shouldnt be done at home without medical supervision. It should not be attempted without being taught the proper technique. Getting semen or air into the uterus could be quite dangerous -- perhaps life-threatening. See More Article On How IVF Work
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