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  • ГБПОУ КК «Тихорецкий индустриальный техникум» Автор: Темежникова Ирина Олеговна Специальность: Организация и технология защиты информации 3 курс Руководитель :Богатырева Анна Сергеевна
  • history Location Achievements Why choose Harvard University? Interesting facts about Harvard University contents
  • Harvard has the status of the oldest University in the United States, the University was founded in 1636. The school was named in honor of philanthropist and art patron, John Harvard, who bequeathed to the University his library and part of the property. The history of Harvard University
  • Interestingly, in 1643 at Harvard Foundation was established to support research and scientific studies — one of the first in the world. If in the XVII century was taught the sacred Sciences, by the middle of the XVIII century, the vector of training has shifted to the secular Sciences.
  • In the nineteenth century, the school got a brand crimson, when Harvard put on the regatta dark red shawls to make them easier to see. Since crimson is a constant symbol of Harvard. In the early twentieth century, the College changed its status to University.
  • The location of Harvard University
  • here has created the best conditions for a comfortable student life. More than half of Harvard students live in 12 dormitories in Harvard yard (Harvard Yard)
  • Almost 85 acres of land with a variety of administrative buildings, libraries, and even the Church. Nine houses are on the South campus, the other three in a residential area, where before was Radcliffe College (Radcliffe College), named after the English aristocrat Ann Radcliffe
  • Also on the grounds of Harvard University, there are a few private museums. One of which has its own forest, which is periodically examined by biologists.
  • University researchers created the vaccine from a heart attack and found a protein that burns fat cells. The University is working to create an elixir of youth, thrusts of testing of the elixir proved to be successful. In 2014, researchers at Harvard have found a confirmation of the theory of Cosmic inflation, which describes the Big Bang. Achievements of Harvard University
  • The main campus of Harvard University is located on 85 acres of land. There are training buildings, libraries, athletic facilities, and dormitories for students of the first course. Other student residences are nearby on the picturesque coast of the river Charles. Why choose Harvard University?
  • Every year, Harvard University awarded the prize for the most dubious or witty scientific achievements of the last year — the IG Nobel prize (Ig Nobel Prize). The word “dubious” means research like “why drunk consider themselves attractive” or “how to listen to Opera mouse with a transplanted heart,” etc. Interesting facts about Harvard University
  • Territory Harvard University has repeatedly been featured in movies and TV series. This is where they filmed the movie "the Social network" (The Social Network), "Spartan" (Spartan), "Angels and demons" ("Angels & Demons"), "Good will hunting" (Good Will Hunting).
  • The most famous, the oldest, richest and most prestigious American University, Harvard, an Ivy League school and the dreams in my sleep since childhood, all careerists. A Harvard degree is a pass in higher light and the elite in almost any field.
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