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Great Britain is one of the greatest countries of Europe which is famous for singular traditions. I would like to tell you about some of them
  • ГАОУ СПО РК «Керченский медицинский колледж» Выполнила: Гумен Анна Владимировна Факультет: Акушерское дело Группа: 25-А Руководитель проекта: Журкина Мария Валериевна
  • PLAN Country with singular traditions Hogmanay Boat Race on Easter Sunday Morris Dancing Egremont Crab Fair Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake Pearly King and Queen Straw Bear Worm Charming Bonfires night Bog Swimming Conclusion List of references
  • Country with singular traditions Great Britain is one of the greatest countries of Europe which is famous for singular traditions. I would like to tell you about some of them.
  • Hogmanay - is Scottish New Year. This holiday is celebrated from December, 31st till January, 2nd. It is an ancient pagan holiday of the sun and fire and it helped them to pass through a hard time of colds and call heat.
  • Boat Race on Easter Sunday is a competition which passes on the river Thames. In competition two commands of Oxford University and Cambridge University take part and try to race each other.
  • Morris Dancing - is the cheerful holiday. All the participants put on clothes with tapes and hand bells, dance under National music, having control over handkerchiefs or sticks.
  • Egremont Crab Fair- is the unusual fair named of a grade of apples. The tradition began in 18 century. One of feudal lords started to distribute apples to common people. Apple parade - is one of the Fair entertainments. The main competition on a holiday is art of grimace making.
  • Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake - is an unusual race to the cheese. This competition is held in a small town - Cooper Hill. Initially local residents took part in competition only, and now participants from other countries gather here.
  • Pearly King and Queen - is a charitable tradition in London. This tradition originated in 19 century. Participants dress clothes decorated with pearly buttons.
  • Straw Bear - is an ancient tradition which is celebrated on January, 7th. This day is considered to be the beginning of agricultural year in England. The man puts on a straw suit, goes on houses and dances for owners.
  • Worm Charming –  is an unusual championship. Basically participants take part to prepare bait for fishing, but there are also those who hasleisure interest.
  • Bonfires night is spent on November, 5th in Great Britain. This night is in memory of a failure of Powder plot.
  • Bog Swimming -is an extravagant competition. Participants dive into a bog with special equipment and float about 36 metres
  • Conclusion This work has the most interesting customs of the country, but culture of Great Britain is very rich with the traditions which gathered from century to century.
  • Список используемых источников 1. English Traditions [Электронный ресурс], - 2. New Year In Britain [Электронный ресурс], -  3. British Traditions and Customs - Британские традиции и обычаи [Электронный ресурс], - 4. Традиции Великобритании [Электронный ресурс], - 5. Английские необычные обычаи и традиции [Электронный ресурс], -  6. ABBYY Lingvo [Электронный ресурс], -
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