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  • CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Real Exam Question Answer
  • QUESTION 1 A company is rolling out a new e-commerce website. The security analyst wants to reduce the risk of the new website being comprised by confirming that system patches are up to date, application hot fixes are current, and unneeded ports and services have been disabled. To do this, the security analyst will perform a: A. Vulnerability assessment B. White box test C. Penetration test D. Peer review Correct Answer: A Section: 3. Threats and Vulnerabilities Explanation
  • QUESTION 2 Joe, a security analyst, is attempting to determine if a new server meets the security requirements of his organization. As a step in this process, he attempts to identify a lack of security controls and to identify common misconfigurations on the server. Which of the following is Joe attempting to complete? A. Black hat testing B. Vulnerability scanning C. Black box testing D. Penetration testing Correct Answer: B Section: 3. Threats and Vulnerabilities Explanation
  • QUESTION 3 A classroom utilizes workstations running virtualization software for a maximum of one virtual machine per working station. The network settings on the virtual machines are set to bridged. Which of the following describes how the switch in the classroom should be configured to allow for the virtual machines and host workstation to connect to network resources? A. The maximum-mac settings of the ports should be set to zero B. The maximum-mac settings of the ports should be set to one C. The maximum-mac settings of the ports should be set to two D. The maximum mac settings of the ports should be set to three Correct Answer: A Section: 4. Application, Data, and Host Security Explanation
  • QUESTION 4 Which of the following attacks initiates a connection by sending specially crafted packets in which multiple TCP flags are set to 1? A. Replay B. Smurf C. Xmas D. Fraggle Correct Answer: C Section: 3. Threats and Vulnerabilities Explanation
  • QUESTION 5 A Company transfers millions of files a day between their servers. A programmer for the company has created a program that indexes and verifies the integrity of each file as it is replicated between servers. The programmer would like to use the fastest algorithm to ensure integrity. Which of the following should the programmer use? A. SHA1 B. RIPEMD C. DSA D. MD5 Correct Answer: D Section: 6. Cryptography Explanation
  • QUESTION 6 A system administrator is conducting baseline audit and determines that a web server is missing several critical updates. Which of the following actions should the administrator perform first to correct the issue? A. Open a service ticket according to the patch management plan B. Disconnect the network interface and use the administrative management console to perform the updates C. Perform a backup of the server and install the require patches D. Disable the services for the web server but leave the server alone pending patch updates Correct Answer: A Section: 2. Compliance and Operational security Explanation
  • QUESTION 7 The IT department has been tasked with reducing the risk of sensitive information being shared with unauthorized entities from computers it is saved on, without impeding the ability of the employees to access the internet. Implementing which of the following would be the best way to accomplish this objective? A. Host-based firewalls B. DLP C. URL filtering D. Pop-up blockers Correct Answer: B Section: 2. Compliance and Operational security Explanation
  • QUESTION 8 A server crashes at 6 pm. Senior management has determined that data must be restored within two hours of a server crash. Additionally, a loss of more than one hour worth of data is detrimental to the company's financial well-being. Which of the following is the RTO? A. 7pm B. 8pm C. 9pm D. 10pm Correct Answer: B Section: 2. Compliance and Operational security Explanation
  • QUESTION 9 To mitigate the risk of intrusion, an IT Manager is concerned with using secure versions of protocols and services whenever possible. In addition, the security technician is required to monitor the types of traffic being generated. Which of the following tools is the technician MOST likely to use? A. Port scanner B. Network analyzer C. IPS D. Audit Logs Correct Answer: B Section: 1. Network Security Explanation
  • QUESTION 10 An administrator is implementing a new management system for the machinery on the company's production line. One requirement is that the system only be accessible while within the production facility. Which of the following will be the MOST effective solution in limiting access based on this requirement? A. Access control list B. Firewall policy C. Air Gap D. MAC filter Correct Answer: C Section: 1. Network Security Explanation
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