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I N E R TG A SF I R EP R O T E C T I O NS Y S T E M2PROINERT – THENEXT GENERATIONOF INERT GASFIRE SUPPRESSIONProInert ...The Most VERSATILE and COST-EFFECTIVE Inert Gas System Inert gas systems are the safe,ProInert ... How it Works Most inert gas systems discharge from the containers at high pressure, using pressure reducers further down the pipe network and requiring the use of expensive, high-pressure piping through much of the system. CONSTANT FLOW RATE=CONSTANT SAVINGS and CONSTANT SAFETYnatural way to extinguish a fire. Fike’s PROINERT offers all the benefits of other inert gas systems, but with design improvements that make ProInert a safer and more economical solution. And now PROINERT2offers actuation at the valve, eliminating the need for additional hardware. This not only simplifies the actuation process, it reduces costs and on-going maintenance.low-pressure piping from the container to the nozzle – lowering your system costs. LOWER PRESSURE=LOWER COSTS and LOWER RISKIn addition, industry regulations state that 95% of the required inert agent must discharge within 60 seconds after activation. To achieve that discharge rate, our competitors’ inert systems must increase their already high surge flow rate, increasing the risk of damage. Consequently, a large venting area must be installed, to protect the integrity of the protected space and the employees. NO EXCESS EXTINGUISHANTON BOARD ACTUATION2is different. Our superior cylinder valve automatically reduces the pressure of the extinguishant at discharge. We provide an ideal discharge pressure and maintain a constant flow rate 2 throughout the system. With PROINERT , you can use small-diameter,PROINERTNO EXCESS EXPENSE and EXCESS RISK=2is better. Because of our unique, patented valve assembly, 2 the PROINERT agent enters the protected room within the required 60 seconds at a steady flow rate, preventing destructive turbulence from occurring. Therefore, only the amount of extinguishant you really need is discharged, and the necessary venting area is much smaller — reducing your installation costs by as much as 60% on venting hardware! PROINERTPROINERT2... safe, cost-effective inert gas fire suppressionProtection with NO boundaries from HERE to THERE 2Fike’s PROINERT system is designed for superior long-distance delivery. Our storage containers and selector valves enable you to protect several rooms with one bank of 2 containers stored far from the protected areas. PROINERT containers can be placed in virtually any non-critical area.Think of the cost savings! You no longer need to purchase, install and maintain several individual protection systems for your multi-risk facility. 2OnePROINERTsystem does it all.Cost Savings: Typically 2 PROINERT uses fewer nozzles.DATA STORAGE / SWITCH ROOMCost Savings:2PROINERT requires 60% less venting area and hardware.Selector Valves CONTROL CENTRECost Savings:PROINERT Storaage Tanks2PROINERT uses low-pressure piping.2CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE WITH SUB-FLOOR PIPINGCost Savings: Simplified actuation at the valve reduces hardware costs.Maximum protection, Minimum storage 2containers allow you to protect single- or multiple-hazard areas typically requiring less floor space than other inert gas systems.PROINERT ’sBeyond ProInert2... Fike is a Global Leader in Fire Suppression A global leader in fire suppression, Fike offers a full range ofFrom Art to Industry 2is the ideal fire protection solution for a wide variety of industries and applications. PROINERTfire suppression products for all your industrial, commercial, and special hazard applications. Our fire protection systems are effective, easy-to-use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. And whether you need innovative fire suppression, replacement of an outdated system or dedicated protection of a key asset, Fike will analyse your operation and help you determine the correct fire protection for all your business applications.In addition to the superior technology of the 2 PROINERT fire suppression systems, Fike has developed a full line of leading edge systems for a variety of applications. Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems withImpulse Technology The Fike Impulse Valve technology greatly improves the performance of clean agent fire suppression systemsArt Galleries Museums Archive Storage Computer/Operation Rooms Control Rooms Financial Centres and Banks Electronics and Data Processing Insurance Industry Military Installations Pharmaceutical/Medical Process Industry Control Rooms Rare Book Libraries Record Storage Facilities Substation Control Rooms Switch Rooms Telecom Centres Universities and Collegesover mechanical valve systems by combining the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc and the flexibility of electric actuation. And the Impulse Valve is capable of firing up to 4 cylinders on a single circuit – making systems with this advanced actuation more cost-effective to design and install.FIRERASERÂŽ Small Space Fire Protection Fireraser provides economical, on-board fire suppression for everything from computer cabinets (in-cabinet fire suppression) to CNC machines, medical imaging equipment, electrical closets and even small data centres.For more information about how we can protect your business with PROINERT2 please contact Fike today.PROINERT2expands your choice of inert gases An inert gas extinguishing system is designed to reduce the oxygen concentration inside the protected hazard until it reaches a level where combustion is no longer supported. PROINERT was first introduced using IG-55, a blend of Argon & Nitrogen. 2 PROINERT now offers an additional 3 inert gas options for those customers who prefer alternative agents. IG-55 –Argon & NitrogenIG-541 –Argon, Nitrogen & CO2IG-100 – Nitrogen IG-01 –ArgonEach of the gases is environmentally inert with all the benefits of an all-natural extinguishant option: • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP): When released, they automatically return to their natural place in the environment. • Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP): No atmospheric lifetime, so no risk to the environment. • Suitable for Occupied Spaces • Exceptional Extinguishant Hold Time: Minimal Room Sealing Required. • Easy, Economical Refill: Gases occur naturally in the environment. • No Secondary Combustion Products: Making it a safe choice for people and assets. • No Residue: No damage to your equipment and no clean-up required. No matter which inert gas option you choose, with a 2 system, you receive all benefits from our exclusive constant flow rate valve featuring actuation at the valve.PROINERTTo complete your PROINERT2systemWhile inert gas fire suppression systems are an excellent, environmentally sound means of protecting key assets and rooms, one thing is clear, adding an additional 50% volume into a protected space (the fire suppressant agent) will cause a pressure increase. This can cause damage to the room, if not vented. With Fike’s unique High-X vents, pressures are kept within acceptable levels and the gas remains in the protected space for the required time, to allow the fire to be completely extinguished. Fike provides all you need – from starting calculations to installation details. Efficiency, costeffectiveness and ease of use – you get it all with Fike HIGH-X vents and PROINERT inert gas fire suppression.High-X, for the most economical choice in fire suppression venting. • Fully Open at 95.5 Pascals • Full European and US Fire Test Approval • Fewer and smaller vents necessary • Less construction timeWE’RE PROUD OF OUR RESUMEFIKE GLOBAL MANUFACTURING, SALES AND SERVICEEXPERIENCED: We’ve worked in the fireAMERICASEUROPEprotection business since 1960.FIKE CORPORATION Blue Springs, MO, USA Tel: +1-816-229-3405 Email: fpssales@fike.comFIKE UNITED KINGDOM Cwmbran, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1633 865558 Email: fstinfo@fike.comFOCUSED: We specialize in Life Safety Products, as well as Facility and Asset Protection Products.CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL, SOUTH AMERICA Houston, TX , USA Tel: +1-281-895-8342 Email: ccsasales@fike.comVERSATILE: We design, manufacture, distribute and maintain our entire product line.MIDDLE EAST FIKE CORPORATION DUBAI Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 (0) 3866455 Email: FIKE ASIA PACIFIC SDN BHD Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel: +60-3-7823-1462 Email: fikeap@fike.comGLOBAL: We have clients, manufacturing facilities, sales outlets and maintenance companies around the world.THE INERT GAS SYSTEM SO SAFE IT EVEN PROTECTS YOUR BUDGET.INNOVATIVE: In 1994, we became the first manufacturer to bring a UL Listed and FM Approved, clean agent fire suppression system to market, replacing Halon. We also have the safest and most economical inert gas system on the market – PROINERT. EARTH-FRIENDLY: We pioneered the development of clean agent systems and we continue to explore environmentally safe alternatives such as inert gas.COMPREHENSIVE: We offer a complete line of fire protection technologies including clean agents, watermist, CO2, plus the corresponding detection and control systems.E-mail: 2PROINERT , Fike and Fike Corporation are trademarks or registered trademarksof Fike Corporation. All other trademarks, trade names or company names referencedherein are the property of their respective owners.U.S. Patent 6,871,802 and Foreign Patents.WWW.FIKE.COM©Copyright 2016, Fike Corporation. All rights reserved. Form No. B9127UK 0416
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