Eliminate Survey Fatigue By Fixing 3 Simple Things

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Survey fatigue has become a common issue faced by various survey-takers all around the world, especially now when businesses are becoming more customer-centric and research-oriented. It often occurs when the survey respondents are bored or no longer interested in taking the survey. This piece explains the three main causes of survey fatigue and how to deal with each of them in order to conduct an effective survey and gather completely authentic data.
  • slide 1: How To Eliminate Survey Fatigue
  • slide 2: Was there ever a time when you asked your respondents about their experience while taking your survey Did you ask if they felt like your online polling is way too complicated for them if not too personal
  • slide 4: Everything will be useless if your poll is too difficult enough to make your respondents suffer from survey fatigue which could have a drastic effect on the quality of data you will get. So how do you make the most out of your online poll maker
  • slide 5: 1. Excessive Number of Questions
  • slide 6: If you will require an answer for every survey question you have your respondents will not be able to continue with your survey without giving their answers even when they don’t really want to do it. While it doesn’t mean that you should not require answer to your questions especially when it comes to the most critical question you have to know how many and which questions really require to be answered.
  • slide 7: 2. Surveys Requiring 10 Minutes or More to be Completed
  • slide 8: It is completely understandable why many people will be hesitant about taking a survey which will take more than 10 minutes of their precious time or worse even 20 minutes. Always consider the schedule of your respondents when making your survey to avoid an excessively long one that can only ignite survey fatigue.
  • slide 9: 3. Forgetting about Boundaries
  • slide 10: Your respondents might find the questions sensitive and asking them questions which could make them feel uncomfortable only increases survey fatigue. Some of the information that respondents don’t feel like providing include their phone or email full name income zip code and ethnicity or race.
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