CSGO Weapons to avoid when playing

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he first question which comes in mind when playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive is why keep the weapons which are not battle-worthy. The answer is really simple, there is always a need of variety in any game you play, whether the weapons be bad/good, they sure help out in difficult situations or unless you want to make this game more of a fun than being serious at all times. However, one should have knowledge of what weapons to use in what situations precisely. When playing competitive, our focus should on to pick up the best weapon against our precious dollars. In this article, I would like to cover up some weaponry to avoid when you are playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive (I guess the new players might not be able to bear what I am about to say). visit: https://www.csgorankedaccounts.com https://www.csgorankedaccounts.com/blog/csgo-weapons-to-avoid-when-playing/
  • Where to buy CSGO skins The concept of skins is being highly discussed in the csgo communities. Technically, skins do not have to do anything with the gameplay, but people are just crazy for them. In this blog, I am going to discuss each and everything about the skins, especially where to buy csgo skins? And how to get high priced skins in cheap rates?   There is a frequently asked question by the people who are new to csgo that, why skins are so important and why people are so much crazy about them. The answer to this question is very simple. People use skins for their weapons to look good. Some people buy csgo skins for their own pleasure and mental satisfaction and other buy csgo skins for showoff. There are three categories that, one can buy csgo skins from. www.csgorankedaccounts.com
  • Factory new skins: These are brand new skins which gives the weapon an amazingly lavish look, but there is a drawback, these skins are quite expensive, a bit more than a skin should cost, which can be more than 100 dollars, nevertheless, people buy csgo skins. www.csgorankedaccounts.com
  • Field tested skins: Field tested skins are used skins, but their condition is up to the mark. These are not much used skins and they also give the weapon a shiny look. The best part is that, they cost much less than factory new skins. One can easily buy a csgo skin from this category. www.csgorankedaccounts.com
  • Battle scarred skins: As the name suggests battle scarred skins are much tested and used skins. Color distortion and scratches are the leading features of battle scarred skins but, there is one thing that most of the gamers ignore. There are some skins available in the battle scarred section which are not much distorted. If you carefully scrutinize, you will definitely find a skin which can match up to field tested skin as low as 30 to 40 dollars. It all depends on how deeper you dig. www.csgorankedaccounts.com
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