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Master Spas Product Line Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Complete Parts Manual MASTER SPAS COMPLETE PARTS MANUAL Revised May 15, 2007 Page 2 Table of Contents ã…
Master Spas Product Line Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Complete Parts Manual MASTER SPAS COMPLETE PARTS MANUAL Revised May 15, 2007 Page 2 Table of Contents • Balboa equipment Pages 4-9 Control Packs & Circuit Boards Page 4 Topside Control Panels & Overlays Pages 5-9 • Pumps Page 10 • Heaters & Pressure Switches Page 11 • Sensors Page 12 • Transformers, fuses, Power Terminals, & gfcI Page 13 • LED’s, Fiber Optics & Lights Page 14 • Filter Elements Page 15 • Spa Pillows Page 16 • Diverter Assembly and Parts Page 17-18 • Weir assemblies, waterfalls & lids Page 19 • Pump & heater Unions Page 20 • Pentair/Waterway Jets Page 21-24 Pentair Micro & euro Jets Page 21 Pentair Lux Jets Page 22 Pentair Cyclone Jets Page 23 Pentair & Waterway Jets Page 24 • Waterway jets page 25-27 Mini-storm jets page 25 Poly-Storm jets Page 26 Power Storm Jets page 27 MASTER SPAS COMPLETE PARTS MANUAL Revised May 15, 2007 Page 3 Table of Contents • G.G. Industry Jets Page 28-30 3.5” Jets Page 28 5” Jets Page 29 Master Blaster, Cloudburst & Fixed Euro Page 30 • Plumbing Page 31-35 Fittings Page 31-33 Fittings, Drains & Hose Page 34 Air Controls page 35 Suctions Page 36 • Ozonators & Ozone Fittings Page 37 • Stereo Only & STs Components Page 38-48 ‘01 to ‘02 Components Page 38 2003 Components Page 39-40 2004 Components Page 41-42 2005 Components Page 43-44 2006 Components Page 45-46 2007 Components Page 47-48 • Skirting Parts Page 49 • ‘06 H2X Swim Spa Parts Page 50-51 • ‘07 H2X Swim Spa Parts Page 52-53 Master Spas Complete Parts Manual BALBOA Equipment Control Packs & Circuit Boards X800650 Lite Leader (P/N 54115) X800660 MAS25 (P/N 52000) X800700 MAS50 PC Board X800750 MAS75 PC Board X800600 MAS100 PC Board X800800 MAS125 PC Board X800300 MAS150 PC Board X800900 MAS200 PC Board X800950 MAS225 PC Board X800960 MAS260 PC Board X801000 MAS300 PC Board X801010 MAS400 PC Board X801011 MAS425 PC Board X801040 MAS460 PC Board X800760 MAS470 PC Board X801020 MAS500 PC Board X801021 MAS525 PC Board X801030 MAS550 PC Board X801050 MAS560 PC Board X801035 MS501M2 PC Board (’06 LSI/LSX557 & H2X) X801024 VS501 PC Board X801025 VS510 PC Board **X300006 VS510/MS1500 External Ckt Beoard X801090 MS1000 PC Board **X801091 MS1000 External PC X801096 MS1500 PC Board X801080 MS2000 PC Board X801095 MS5000 PC Board (starting SN M607645) **X801105 MS5000 External PC X801070 MS8000 PC Board *Control Packs Circuit Boards X300020 MS8000 System X300025 MS5000 System (starting SN M607645) X300030 MS2000 System X300035 MS1500 System X300040 MS1000 System X300060 VS501S System X300070 VS510 System X300080 MS501M2 System X300100 MAS50 System X300150 MAS75 System X300200 MAS100 System X300400 MAS125 System X300500 MAS150 System X300600 MAS200 System X300650 MAS225 System X300660 MAS260 System M7 X300670 MAS400 System X300680 MAS425 System X300690 MAS460 System X300700 MAS300 System X300710 MAS500 System X300720 MAS525 System X300730 MAS550 System X300740 MAS560 System X300760 MAS470 System X300950 Lite Leader System (P/N 54114) X300960 MAS25 System (P/N 51999) ** only needs to be ordered if problem with pump 2 *Notice: Packs Must Be Authorized By Master Spas Inc. To Be Replaced. When Ordering, Be Sure To Include Spa Serial Number. If Not Authorized Prior To Ordering, It Will Not Be Shipped. Revised May 15, 2007 Page 4 Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 5 BALBOA Equipment Topside Control Panels X310120 MP 700 Topside Panel (‘04-’07) X509009 Overlay Complete Set. ‘05-’07 (Left and right all Legend Series) 2004 Models X509000 LS Left Side Overlay (this half of the label needs to be ordered with all MP 700 panels) X509001 LSI Right side Overlay X509002 LS Right side Overlay X310110 ‘04-’07 Aux. button, pump 1 X310111 ‘04-’07 Aux. button, pump 2 X310112 ‘04-’07 Aux. button, TV Lift X310113 ‘04-’07 Silver Aux. button, pump 1 X310114 ‘04-’07 Silver Aux. button, pump 2 X310115 ‘04-’07 Silver Aux. button, TV Lift X310116 ‘06-’07 Aux. button, pump1/1spd (LSX/LSI557,H2X & TV Lift) X310105 ‘06-’07 Aux. Button, pump2 (MS1500) X509015 Pump Overlay ‘05-’07 X509016 FST Overlay ‘05-’07 X509003 Therapy Overlay ‘04 X509004 FST Overlay ‘04 X801500 Topside Bulb X310160 MP270 Topside (‘06 LSI/LSX 557, H2X Swim Spa) X509021 Overlay ‘06 LSI/LSX 557 X509020 Overlay ‘06 H2X Swim Spa X310170 MP280S Panel (‘07 LSI/LSX557) X509031 ‘07 LSI/LSX557 Overlay X310135 VL600S Panel For Legacy Spas ‘07 Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 6 BALBOA Equipment Topside Control Panels ‘02-’03,’05-07 X300010 MAS470 Topside Panel X509010 ‘05-’07 Down East 2 Pump Overlay, (VS501/MS1500) X508055 ‘05-’07 Down East 3 Pump Overlay, (VS510/MS1500) X508050 ‘02-’03 Down East 3 Pump Overlay X801500 Topside Bulb ‘03-‘05 X310001 MAS260 3-button Oval Control Panel w/ generic label 2006 X509008 ML550 Control Panel X509012 Ocean Spas Overlay (Used on 657 Special after approx. 5/15/06) ‘05-‘06 X310140 MVP 260 Panel X509011 2005 LSI 557 Overlay X509019 MVP260 1 Pump Overlay (Down East) X509018 MVP260 2 Pump Overlay (Freedom) Freedom (2 Pump) Overlay Down East (1 Pump) Overlay X310130 MP 600 Topside Panel (MS Packs) X509006 Down East 3 Pump Overlay X509005 Down East 2 Pump Overlay 2004 Models Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 7 BALBOA Equipment Topside Control Panels X310840 MAS560 Control Panel X508080 Overlay, Legend Series X508060 Overlay, LSI557 X508040 STS Overlay X505281 Overlay, FST X310041 MAS460 4-Button Control Panel X505250 Overlay, DownEast 4-Button X310820 MAS50A Jet 1 Aux. Button X310830 MAS50B Jet 2 Aux. Button X506030 ’03 Pump Overlay X508040 ‘02-’03 Overlay, STS X311250 MAS400 Remote Button (therapy button includes overlay) Some Overlays may be ordered as “Non-Stock” Item. (May Need to Know Year and Model of Spa to Match Style of Original) Overlay Shown is not ‘03 style. ‘03 & ‘02 Models ‘03 & ‘02 Models X801500 Topside Bulb X310042 MAS425 4-Button Control Panel ‘03 & ‘02 Models X310850 MAS260 Super Dup Control Panel X506300 Overlay, DownEast MAS260 Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 8 BALBOA Equipment Topside Control Panels X310810 MAS500 Scrolling Control Panel (MAS550/525/500) X505260 STS Spa Overlay X505270 Legend Series 3 Pump Overlay X506120 ‘00 Legend Series Overlay (8-button) X506130 ‘00 LS1050 Overlay (7-button) -Not Shown- X310000 MAS25 4-Button Control Panel ‘02 & ‘01 Models X801500 Topside Bulb ‘02-‘00 Models X310860 MAS400 Control Panel X506010 Century Series Overlay ‘02 & ‘01 Models X310960 MAS25 2-button Panel X506150 Down East 2-button Overlay ‘00 & ’01 Models X310970 MAS25 3/4-Button Control Panel X506200 ‘00 Down East 3-button Overlay X505450 Balboa MAS25 3-button Overlay X505350 Balboa MAS25 4-button Overlay ‘00 & Older Models ‘00 & ’01 Models X310850 MAS225 LCD Super Dup Panel X506050 Master Standard Overlay X506000 Master Classic Series Overlay Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 9 BALBOA Equipment Topside Control Panels X310100 MAS50 Control Panel X310150 MAS75 Control Panel X310200 MAS100 1-Button Control Panel X310300 MAS100 3-Button Control Panel X310400 MAS125 Control Panel X310500 MAS150 7-Button Control Panel X310600 MAS150 6-Button Control Panel X310650 MAS225 Control Panel X310860 MAS400 Control Panel X310950 Lite Leader (E2) Control Panel X310700 MAS200 Control Panel Pumps Revised May 15, 2007 Page 10 X275225 Sta-Rite Freeze Plug Master Spas Complete Parts Manual X232305 3/8”x1/4” Barb X320350 6.0hp, 2spd, 230V Pump X320375 6.0hp, 1spd, 230V Pump X321020 5.0hp, 2spd, 230V Pump X321180 4.5hp, 2spd, 230V Pump X321140 4.5hp, 1spd, 230V Pump X321160 4.0hp, 2spd, 230V X321150 4.0hp, 1spd, 230V X321250 3.6hps, 2spd, 230V X321270 3.6hp, 1spd, 230V X320400 3.0hp, 1spd, 230V (‘05 Down East #3) X321610 2.0hp, 2spd, 110V Pump Shown Is General Picture Sta-Rite Pumps X321000 5.0hp, 2spd, 230V X321200 3.6hp, 2spd, 230V X321300 3.5hp, 1spd, 230V X321400 2.0hp, 2spd, 230V X321600 2.0hp, 2spd, 110V X321700 1.5hp, 2spd, 110V Pump Shown Is General Picture Aqua Flo Pumps X320400 3.0hp, 1spd, 230V X320410 1.5hp, 1spd, 230V X320420 3hp, 2spd, 230V X551440 Pump Power Cord (Legacy Pumps) Pentair Pumps Pump Shown Is General Picture X321791 G.G., Center Discharge, 115V X321790 Aqua Flo, Top Discharge, 115V X321792 Aqua Flo, Center Discharge, 115V X321793 Aqua Flo, Bottom Discharge, 115V X321810 Aqua Flo, Side Discharge, 115V X321800 Waterway, Tiny Mite, 110V Circ Pumps X323100 Pump Pad X320330 Rubber Pump Mounts (Not Shown) X245275 Freeze Plug Kit Generic Picture Shown. Actual Part May Vary In Design. Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Heaters & Pressure Switches Revised May 15, 2007 Page 11 X300930 5.5kw 825 Incalloy Heater - M7 X300713 VS 501 and VS 510 Heater X801760 4.0kw 825 Incalloy Heater - M7 X800200 Pressure Switch Harness X802500 Pressure Switch Assy. X802550 Pressure Switch - MAS400 X802560 Pressure Switch, Gecko X300900 5.5kw 240V Heater X300910 5.5kw 825 Incalloy Heater (MAS400/425) X300920 5.5kw 825 Incalloy Heater (MAS500/525) X300921 5.5kw 800 Incalloy Heater X801800 5.5kw Heater X801801 5.5kw Heater (MAS425) X801802 5.5kw Heater (MAS100/125/150/225) X801100 4.0kw Heater Assy. MAS25 X801700 4.0kw Heater Assy. MAS50 X801701 4.0kw Heater Assy. X801750 3.0kw Heater Assy. 240V X801600 1.0kw Heater Assy. Generic Picture Shown. Actual Part May Vary In Design. X300007 Copper Heater/Jumper Strap Old MAS560/MS8000 X300390 Copper Heater/Jumper Strap ‘VS’ Series Packs X300016 Copper Heater/Jumper Strap w/PEM nut X802150 Copper Heater/Jumper Strap Heater Straps Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Sensors Revised May 15, 2007 Page 12 X320200 Ozone Photo Sensor X802600 Sensor Assembly X801830 12” A&B M7 Temp/High Limit Sensor X801835 24” A&B M7 Temp/High Limit Sensor for MAS560 X301000 Temperature Sensor Mount Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 13 Transformers, fuses , Power Terminals, & GFCI BOX X801450 .3 Amp Fuse X801200 10 Amp Fuse X801350 20 Amp Fuse (All grey, not glass) X551282 5 Amp Slow Blow (FST) X801300 20 Amp Power Input Fuse X801360 25 Amp Fuse X801400 30 Amp Power Input Fuse X619550 GFCI Box X619561 50 Amp G.F.C.I. Breaker X803100 240V Transformer Balboa Instruments (30270-2) X803050 120V Duplex Transformer Balboa Instruments (30274-1) X300005 120V Balboa Transformer (30270-1) (used for 240-120 Disp. Conversion) X803000 120V Duplex Transformer Balboa Instruments (30274-2) X802950 Power Input Terminal Block Master Spas Complete Parts Manual Revised May 15, 2007 Page 14 LED’s, Lights & fiber optics X259255 5” Jumbo Spa Light Assembly (Does Not Include Wire Harness) X259260 5” Jumbo Spa Light Wire Harness w/ 2 pin connector X259200 3” Spa Light Assembly X259100 Colorscape 22 LED Light X802850 Spa Light Bulb Waterway LED Lighting Part # Description X333000 12volt control box X333001 110volt control box X333002 Complete star lens X333003 1 foot jumper cable X333004 5 foot jumper cable X333115 20 foot jumper cable X333005 3 Way Connector X333007 Spa LED Connector X333008 12 LED Spa Light Bulb X333009 24 LED Spa Light Bulb X333113 4 LED Module (waterfall) X333114 LED light (clear waterfall) *X333116 12V LED Controller *X333117 12V, 12 Bulb Main Light *(Used Starting aprox. 2/2/06 as per PCO#0042006) Part # Description X333123 12V LED Controller ‘07 X333118 5ft. Jumper ‘07 X333119 4pt LED Harness ‘07 X333124 2pt LED Harness ‘07 X333120 Starpoint Housing X333122 LED Lamp Adaptor ‘07 X333125 LED Light Adaptor ‘07 (old-new) X801500 Topside Bulb Part # Description X330100 24 Light Harness X330200 32 Light Harness X330250 30 Light Harness (STS) X330300 12 Light Harness X331020 12V Fiber Optic Light Box X331030 110V Fiber Optic Light Box X332010 110V Halogen Light Bulb X332020 12V Halogen Light Bulb X331110 Fiber Optic wall fitting X331120 Flexible Light fitting Fiber optics
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