Collaborating in the Cloud: How Square 9 Document Management Makes Teamwork Easier

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Description | Square9 Soft works produces software solutions making document sharing easier, allowing greater collaboration in the workplace. By making collaboration more convenient, companies can enjoy greater productivity and more input into ideas.
  • Sharing, Thinking, Doing Collaborating In The Cloud How Square 9 Document Management Solutions Make Teamwork Easier
  • Unprecedented Opportunities Sharing documents through the cloud isn’t just about having a convenient way to turn in expense reports or cut down on printing costs. It also provides an important aid to the creative process, allowing members of your team to share ideas and suggestions quickly and conveniently. With Square 9’s SmartSearch document management software, you can harness the power of collaboration, allowing your creative time or other company members to brainstorm over distances and tweak one another’s work. The end result – better ideas that garner innovative ideas and better communication company-wide.
  • Why Document Sharing? Document sharing via the cloud helps companies increase efficiency and productivity. Consider the benefits of implementing a document management solution: Remote access – Empower your employees to view and edit documents wherever they may be, even when on-the-go with their smartphone or tablet devices. Cost cutting – Using document management solutions reduces costs in terms of storage space, printing and mailing, as well as lost document expenses. Collaboration – Document management programs allow users to share images, documents and data, allowing for wide-ranging brainstorming sessions. Accuracy – With digitally stored documents, you are reducing the risk of manual handling errors including lost or misplaced files, while also streamlining search and retrieval efforts.
  • How It Was Done In the past, collaborating at work meant getting everyone into a room and huddling over a computer or watching a presenter scribble on a whiteboard. This form of collaboration had drawbacks in terms of scheduling, accessibility and document and data sharing limitations. New collaboration opportunities opened up by cloud solutions, including document management, create a better environment for pooling strength and creativity.
  • How Square 9® Changes The Game Cloud-enabled document sharing solutions allow companies to better collaborate. With SmartSearch document management software, collaboration can occur without having to adjust travel schedules in order to crowd people into a room. Documents and data are more easily accessible, eliminating delays that can rob a brainstorming session of its momentum and efficacy.
  • Document Sharing Options Square 9 facilitates collaboration by allowing users to: Send and receive instant notifications of a pending process Instantaneously share documents Use direct email integration Make fast decisions via workflow commands Collaborate remotely from a variety of locations
  • Collaboration Matters Collaboration helps transform good products, companies and services into great companies, products and services. Benefits of collaboration include: A broader pool of talent to draw from Input from other departments Increased buy-in as team members feel their voices were heard Greater understanding of products, services and policies Diverse viewpoints
  • Work XChange Work XChange from Square 9 allows users to collaborate more effectively. With Work XChange, users can create specialized workflows for specific tasks. Work XChange is very graphical, using convenient drag and drop features. By creating workflows through Work XChange, users are notified when their action in a specific process is required, such as invoice approvals or employee hiring procedures.
  • GlobalSearch GlobalSearch is a popular Square 9 product that facilitates document sharing in the cloud. With full feature editing and granular document security, GlobalSearch allows users to share documents and execute workflows regardless of location or web browser. This will help companies create a wider culture of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Square 9 Softworks provides award-winning software solutions in document management to assist clients in realizing the dream of a paperless office. With Square 9 Softworks’ help, companies can reduce storage, printing, mailing and labor costs associated with print records. Square 9 can also help companies better coordinate workflow and streamline mobile and remote work options. To learn more, please visit or call 203-789-0889 today. About Square 9 Softworks
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