CCM Skipton Sheepdog Catalogue for the 12th May

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SKIPTON AUCTION MART th FRIDAY 12 MAY 2017 SPRING SALE OF 161 SHEEP DOGS Comprising 106 Field Run Dogs 55 Dogs Shown in the PenSale of Field Dogs 9.00am Prompt Sale of…
SKIPTON AUCTION MART th FRIDAY 12 MAY 2017 SPRING SALE OF 161 SHEEP DOGS Comprising 106 Field Run Dogs 55 Dogs Shown in the PenSale of Field Dogs 9.00am Prompt Sale of Pen Dogs 11.00am Sold in Catalogue order No unentered dogs sold on this day Catalogues £1.00 on day of saleSale supported byAuctioneers CCM Auctions, Gargrave Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1UD Tel: 01756 792375 Jeremy Eaton – 07747 780481 Ted Ogden – 07855 958211 Sam Bradley – 07538 539077C O N D I T I O N S OF S A L E: 1.2. 3. 4. 5. 6.7. 8.9.All entries will be sold in catalogue order. (i). Each dog/bitch will be allowed 3 minutes to show his/her fetch/pen and show his/her prowess then immediately be offered for sale. (ii). Dogs/bitches under 12 months of age will be allowed 2 minutes to show his/her capabilities. The sale shall be in guineas and payment to the vendor will be in pounds. If any dog injures a sheep, the owner will be responsible for such damage. All dogs will be shown working on the day only and no warranty is given that any dog will give equal performance for its new owner with regard to work. All dogs are sold on a non-returnable basis. Dogs running in the field which persistently grip the demonstration sheep will not be offered for sale by Auction. They may be offered for sale in the small pen but the timing of this will be at the discretion of the Auctioneers. Vendors giving eye test warranties must lodge authenticated registration certificates with the Auctioneers 30 minutes before the sale. No representation in respect of this condition will be made unless documentation is received in the office within the time limit allowed. Purchasers are advised that eye test endorsed certificates, if available, may be inspected at the office 30 minutes before each dog is offered for sale. Bitches MUST be clear of pup unless stated to the contrary. Complaints by the purchaser after the sale must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate clearly demonstrating that the animal was in whelp at the time of sale. Unsoundness Unless stated to the contrary in the catalogue or at the time of sale, dogs are warranted by the vendor to be free from any unsoundness in respect of teeth, legs and feet (on sale day warranty.) In all other respect except in the case of bitches proving to be in whelp the warranty allows 5 days for registration of complaint and 5 days for supply of veterinary surgeons certificate by the purchaser. Veterinary surgeons certificates must verify that the dog was carrying the unsoundness at the time of sale. This condition also applies to castrated dogs, spayed bitches and dogs with one testicle or any other known breeding defect. Purchasers satisfying these requirements will be entitled to return the animal with reimbursement together with associated expenses. If the vendor disputes the purchaser’s claim for breach warranty, the claim shall be referred for decision to the auctioneers or to such other person as the auctioneers may appoint for the purpose, (in either case the “refereeâ€?). The referee, who shall act as an independent expert and not as an arbitrator, shall make such10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.16.examination or trial of the animal and such inquiry of such persons as in his sole discretion he considers necessary or desirable for determining the dispute. Vendors must not pass dogs over to purchasers without prior authority of the Auctioneers. Vendors of registered dogs or bitches must pass registration certificates to the Auctioneers at the time of sale. Vendors must declare at the time of sale if NOT registered for VAT. Puppies may be sold privately and by Auction, Vendors are reminded that an entry fee of £2.00 (inc. VAT) per pup is required on arrival to the sale premises. NEW CUSTOMERS are requested to supply appropriate trade references Under certain extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the Auctioneers a vendor will be allowed to sell a registered dog without a registration document. Payment to the Vendor will be withheld for any dog described as registered which is not accompanied by a registration document, until such time as the document is provided and the Auctioneers reserve the right to cancel the transaction in the event that the ISDS registration rules are not satisfied. The return of a dog under these circumstances will be at the cost of the vendor. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BUYERS AND VENDORS Buyers travel long distances to the sale and the office accepts commission bids for entries prior to the sale. Mindful of this the Auctioneers reserve the right to exclude from the sale and future sales any person who privately sells or buys a broken dog (field dog) without booking the transaction through the office. Reserve Prices - The vendor should advise the auctioneer in writing of any reserve price at the time of sale. Provisional Sales - The Auctioneers reserve the right to accept a ‘provisional’ bid from a bidder which is below the reserve price if the vendor is out of contact with the auctioneer (eg working dog in field and out of hearing). Such a bid will be described at the fall of the hammer as ‘provisional or subject to approval’ and is only binding if accepted by the vendor. Provisional bidders should attend the office at the fall of the hammer to register their bid and vendors should make every attempt to allow a provisional bidder to increase his or her bid. In the event of a third party bidding at a lot sold ‘provisionally or subject to approval’ after the fall of the hammer then the vendor should request the auctioneer to put the lot up again without retrial and subject again to the vendor’s revised instructions within 30 minutes of the original offer for sale. The auctioneers reserve the right to exclude from the sale and future sales any person who in their opinion is in breach of these rules or the due process involved in conducting a public auction.In order to maintain the integrity of the catalogue all dogs must be sold in catalogue order and there will be no substitute dogs on the day of saleIMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: VENDORS ARE REQUESTED TO COLLECT LOT NUMBER TICKETS FROM THE OFFICE ON ARRIVAL. LOT NUMBERS MUST BE DISPLAYED SO THAT PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS ARE ABLE TO IDENTIFY CATALOGUED DOGSVendors please note all dogs must be microchip read before they will be offered for sale, please ensure you bring your dog forward in plenty of time to have their microchip read, any dog which we are unable to read the microchip will not be offered for sale.FULLY TRAINED FIELD DOGS Lots 1 – 3 will be able to re run at 12.30pm if not sold on first run J Connolly, Garron Walk 1.Rick Black & White Dog 09.06.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/345757 Microchip No 900164001407637 Sire: Kirkton Uno (J Connolly) Dam: Sheila (J Connolly) Is a very good dog for his age, great outrun, good flanks and driving very good, make a good nursery or working dog this year, can be seen on youtube.I Stevenson, Rathkeel Road 2.Ben ISDS No Microchip NoBlack & White Dog 00/342481 96600010065823516.11.15NO VATSire: Cap (EC McAuley) Dam: Meg (JD Irvine) sire of Meg is D McAuley’s Joe Ben did not start to work until over one year old, showing lots of potential now, easy to handle, see video Ivan Stevenson Ben youtube. C McCloskey, Slannach View 3.Templemoyle Snip Black & White Bitch 17.06.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/340622 Microchip No 9001640086480 Sire: Ben (AP Ward) Dam: Lyn (C McCloskey) Great temperament, loves her work, easy handled view on youtube Canice doo sheepdogs, dam daughter of M Gallagher Cap, CEA clear by parentage.A Games, Preggy Fold 4.Floss Black & White Bitch 14.03.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/344206 Microchip No 960011000278086 Sire: Roy (R Games) Dam: Gill (R Games) Very good young bitch by Ross Games Roy, fetch and drive to very good standard, scopey bitch, listen well, make excellent bitch for this year’s nurseries, can be seen on Ross Games Facebook page.A Baines, Skirrygill Farm 5.Kemi Kev Black & White Dog 03.07.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/340720 Microchip No 958000002335487 Sire: Tanhill Glen (DK Evans) CEA normal Dam: Vicky (DK Evans) CEA normal Nice young dog, outrun, fetch and drive, good call back, newly trained, work or trial, good to manage.J O’Malley, Ballinock 6.Mac Tri Dog 27.01.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/336368 Microchip No 900164000336324 Sire: Cap 00/323600 – CEA clear Dam: Gale 00/316230 – CEA clear Part trained classy young dog, on sides, small outrun, recall, stop, starting to drive.TW Longton, Lee End Farm 7.Spy Black & White Bitch 2 ½ years Microchip No 981000006694693 Good natured bitch, has been a pet but wants to work sheep.NO VATL Conn, Seacoast Road 8.Puck Black & White Dog 18.08.14 VAT ISDS No 00/335176 Microchip No 941000011944942 Sire: Glen 00/304946 (T Brennan) Dam: Bell 00/323152 (B Ryan) Top class young dog, keen, stylish, tremendous scope and balance, big natural outrunner either hand, great on flanks whistle or voice good shedding dog, has won nursery trials and good on bulk and pen work, can be seen on L Conn Puck for Skipton, has a pet passport, DNA clear.D Armstrong, Low Lonning Farm 9.Sweep Tri Dog 10.05.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/338092 Microchip No 981000008264419 Sire: Tom 00/304945 (AD Wright) Dam: Tess 00/298876 (L Welsh) Newly broken dog, ready for work this summer, good outrun and stop, rides bike, good with kids, can be seen on youtube and facebook Dale Armstrongs Sweep.M Woods, Bates Green Farm 10.Sky Tri Bitch 19.03.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/338344 Microchip No 981000008170209 Sire: Juno 00/325410 (JR Martin) Dam: Burndale Meg 00/317544 (JR Martin) A decent bitch, been used on the farm, on voice and whistle commands, eye tested.S O’Kane, Foreglen Road 11.Rock ISDS No Microchip No Sire: Dam: Eye tested.Black & White Dog 03.01.14 00/331868 960011000248326 Sweep 283635 (T Doherty) CEA clear Lyn 00/310538 (C McCloskey) CEA clearNO VATR Atkins, Mount View 12.Halloverhill Meg Tri Bitch 06.07.14 NO VAT ISDS No 00/334343 Microchip No 900200000187890 Sire: Clyde (TR Lawrenson) Dam: Tweeddale Bell (TR Riley) A superb smooth haired prick eared bitch, she can shed and single and is finely tuned for a life in trials or on the open fell, sold for no fault whatsoever, she provides a rare opportunity to buy into the Clyde line and an opportunity to buy a dog of genuine calibre, Meg is CEA/CH clear, view her on the CCM yuotube site, on voice and whistle.N Pyrs, Ty Mawr Eidda 13.CymroBlack & White07.10.14NO VATISDS No 00/339507 Microchip No 900200000171722 Sire: Jock 00/304524 (AJ Blackmore) Dam: Rosewood Fly 00/317740 (G Howells) Useful farm dog, good outrunner, potential trial dog, can be seen on youtube Cymro Skipton May 17. W Lawrence, Carmean Road 14.Glen Tri Dog 22.01.15 VAT ISDS No 00/337533 Microchip No 900200000183724 Sire: Sam (E Sharkley) Dam: Linn – bred from T Lawrence Spot Glen is a lovely stylish dog he is eligible for nursery trials this year, past he has won one and placed in a number of others, he has a good outrun and takes commands well, he has done road work, pens and lambing, good traveller, can be seen on CCM youtube, DNA clear by parentage.B White, Dermotstown 15.Maddy Black & White Bitch 25.09.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/341608 Microchip No 972274000243431 Sire: Sam 285669 (T Lambe) Dam: Laigin Macha 00/312261 Handy bitch, ready for trials and work, quick and reactive, search Brian White Maddy on youtube and Brian White Sheepdogs on facebook.A Blackmore, Lintridge Cottage 16.Chip Black & White Dog 15.01.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/335932 Microchip No 900200000127381 Sire: Max (W Watt) Dam: Cindy (E Barfoot) Classic black & white prick eared easy to handle good outrunner with natural pace behind sheep, super temperament.G Graham, Largy Road 17.Grahams Snip Tri Bitch 02.02.15 NO VAT ISDS No 338132 Microchip No 900200000183844 Sire: Cap Dam: Grahams Jess Snip has run in this winter nursery getting placed in nearly all of the heats and making it to the final, trained to national standard, parents CEA clear, view @ Gerard Graham Sheepdogs.R Games, Preggy Fold18.Nan ISDS No Microchip No Sire: Dam:Tri Bitch 00/344215 960011000749453 Sweep (P Williams) Kemi Pop (A Games)03.04.16NO VATP Satterthwaite, Hillbeck Mill 19.Ben Black & White Dog 22.03.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/338368 Microchip No 941000017774424 Sire: Lad (P Byrne) Dam: Lynn (D Byrne) Keen young dog, several prizes in nursery trials including one 1 st prize, friendly dog ready for work, can be seen on youtube.B Smith, Northfield Farm Cottage 20.Redgate Tip Tri Dog 05.01.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/342389 Microchip No 966000100728728 Sire: Glen (R Henderson) Dam: Juno (J Howes) Big strong dog ready to take on, good to be with you, works for anyone, can be viewed youtube B Smith Tip.J Griffiths, Come Bye 21.Come Bye Glyn Brown & White Dog 09.05.15 NO VAT Microchip No 966000100718542 Home bred dog, both parents top class farm dogs, Glyn has excellent temperament,easy to work, voice commands, can be viewed on CCM youtube channel. JD & V Towers & Son, Camp House Farm 22.Emma Black & White Bitch 21.08.13 VAT ISDS No 00/328555 Microchip No 981000006402049 Sire: Wenndale Roy 274138 (RJ Hutchinson) Dam: Rainow Pat 00/304931 (SN Mellor) Smooth coat, pricked eared, fully trained on voice and whistle, rides on quad, excellent temperament, ready for plenty of work.M Gallagher, Stroan Road 23.Templemoyle Buff Black & White Dog 17.06.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/340618 Microchip No 900164000828313 Sire: Ben 283725 (AP Ward) DNA normal Dam: Lyn 00/310538 (C McCloskey) DNA normal Keen young dog well started, honest with good nursery potential, also make a capable work dog, good way with sheep, nice nature and good to travel, can be seen on youtube at M Gallagher Templemoyle Buff Skipton May 17.H Bouch, Copperthorns 24.Roxy Tri Bitch 20.05.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/340089 Microchip No 985170002751390 Sire: Lad (WJ Jones) Dam: Fly (WJ Jones) Smooth skinned brown bitch, working well, excellent nature, good with trials, rides quad, youtube Roxy for sale Skipton 12/5/17.JF Bell, Parks Farm 25.Kilcreen Rob Tri Dog 06.01.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/341934 Microchip No 958000010408622 Sire: Moss 00/322633 (Dk Evans) CEA clear Dam: Tara 00/325394 (S Gormley) Top class work dog with great trial potential, stylish with natural balance and feel for his sheep, good outrun either hand, fetch and drive with excellent stop and recall, 1 st class temperament, genuine in every way, DNA clear by parentage, his GS Clyde 4 th world final his dam topped ÂŁ5,000 in Bala sale, viewed working anytime or youtube JF Bell Kilcreen Rob.J Cropper, Irwell House Farm 26.Glen Black & White Dog VAT ISDS No 00/334652 Microchip No 977200008466810 Sire: Nidderdale Nidd Dam: Gyp Won numerous prizes in the nurseries, 4 firsts, terrific hill dog, moves sheep well and stands up to sheep, easy to manage, sheds & look back.B Doherty, Cloughfin 27. VATArdagh SpotTri Dog12.06.14NOISDS No 00/334575 Microchip No 90016400058371 Sire: Ardargh Ben (J Doherty) CEA normal Dam: Faye (J Doherty) CEA normal Spot is a good working dog, great temperament with sheep, people and other dogs, eye tested CEA clear, well bred with lines to Aled Owens Bob, Dick Ropers Tom and F McCullogh Craig, can be seen on CCM Auctions and Cloughfin Collies youtube, reluctant sale. C Mellin, Moor Lodge Farm 28.Rainow Max Tri Dog 3 yrs 3 mnths VAT ISDS No 00/331440 Microchip No 981000006312420 Sire: Llangwm Cap (A Owen) DNA normal Dam: Rainow Meg (C Pickford) DNA normal After doing general farm work has successful nursery season 3 1sts 2 2nds, numerous placings, got experience at lambing time, word or whistle, good outrun, excellenttemperament, rides on quad can be seen at home, young dogs coming on forces sale, cam be viewed on youtube Carol Mellin facebook and CCM Auctions. S Lewis, Fferm Wernllwyd 29.Karven Dave Black & White Dog 24.03.16 ISDS No 00/344812 Microchip No 900032002185873 Sire: Spot 272008 (DK Evans) Dam: Del 00/326972 (S Lewis) by R Games Roy 13 months old ready to take on, youtube Karven Dave.VATL McKee, Manse Road 30.Lyn Black & White Bitch 20.05.15 NO VAT ISDS No 339460 Microchip No 900200000408337 Sire: Sweep (JMC McCloskey) CEA clear Dam: Meg (H McKee) by Tom Lawrensons Spot – CEA clear Large short haired bitch with natural room, driving and good stop, well bred with nice style, friendly nature, father has twice qualified for international supreme final and twice runner up in Irish national, DNA clear by parentage, vaccinated, see youtube video at CCM webstie or “Derryogue Sheepdogs”.A Curran, Woodlands 31.Sweep Tri Dog 28.03.13 NO VAT ISDS No 00/326058 Microchip No 900164000119018 Sire: Seth 00/309926 (JP McGee) Dam: Queen 00/294930 (P Doherty) Exceptionally good trial and work dog, has done 2 nursery seasons and a few opentrials, DNA clear, can be seen on youtube Aidan Curran Sweep. J Connolly, Garron Walk 32.Sweep Black & White 02.01.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/348238 Microchip No 95600010065573 Sire: Craig (J Connolly) Dam: Miss (J Connolly) Will make good nursery dog or work dog, plenty of power, great nature very good all round dog, can be seen on youtube.B Quigley, Templeard 33.Meg Bitch 08.01.16 NO VAT ISDS No 00/342069 Microchip No 985111000717840 Sire: Glencregg Silver (JP McGee) CEA carrier Dam: Cindy (B Quigley) A stylish young bitch, working on command & whistle, she has experience of farmwork and is good on quad, her litter sister has won nursery trials at 12 months, DNA clear,video can be seen on Brian Quigley, Facebook page or CCM Auctions. A Howe, Brampton Hall Farm 34.Stella Black & White Bitch 18 mnths NO VAT Microchip No 966000100672284 Newly broken, showing great promise and keen for work, travel well in pickup/gator.C McCloskey, Slannach View 35.Templemoyle Moss Tri Dog 17.06.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/340619 Microchip No 900164000828312 Sire: Ben (AP Ward) Dam: Lyn (C McCloskey) Great temperament easy handled, view on youtube Canice doo sheepdogs, dam daughter of M Gallaghers Cap, CEA clear by parentage.G Redpath, Low Hall Cottage 36.Hobson Black & White Dog 07.01.15 NO VAT ISDS No 337834 Microchip No 900200000247307 Sire: Sweep (RJ Hutchinson) Dam: Rosewood Cass (MJ Watson) Large flock experience, will pass on the road, works in pens, good outrun, also would be suitable for trials, rides or works with quad bike, can be seen at home prior to sale, passed eye test.T Daly, Corgary Road 37.Nell Bitch 14.09.15 ISDS No 00/342123 Microchip No 900164001106068 Sire: Rex (H Mooney) Dam: Moy (A Wallace) Cool power, on voice and whistle command, very easy to handle.NO VATA Baines, Skirrygill Farm 38.Tanhill Jock Black & White Dog 08.11.14 NO VAT ISDS No 00/336587 Microchip No 966000100549543 Sire: Tim (IB Jones) CEA normal Dam: Tanhill Jess (A Baines) passed eye test Good young dog ran well nursery season 20 places won 1 open and 2 6th, can be seen at home, passed eye test.I Stevenson, Rathkeel Road39.Dan Black & White Dog 21.01.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/337227 Microchip No 958000010262463 Sire: Cap (EC McAuley) DNA normal Dam: Jess – litter sister to Bob sold by J Bell at Skipton for £9000 Dan has lots of power with cattle & sheep, easy to handle, good on hill work, brilliant turn back, can go out one mile or more on spoken/whistle command, you will get your work done with this one, Dan youtube May 2017 Ivan Stevenson Dan, both parents eye tested.G Pyrs, Ty Mawr Eidda 40.Gwydr Jess Black & White Bitch 28.03.15 NO VAT ISDS No 00/338859 Microchip No 956000004465507 Sire: Bob 00/300530 (JR Griffiths) Dam: Jano 00/302289 (DR Jones) Smooth coated, pricked ear bitch, on her sides and starting to drive, has done farm work, excellent breeding, can be seen on youtube – Gwydr Jess Skipton May 17.S Richards, Pen-y-Borough View 41.Pen-y-Borough Ann Black & White Bitch 14.11.15 VAT ISDS No 00/341828 Microchip No 981000008437583 Sire: Mar
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