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There is no bigger power than the power of youth; empowering the youth is the best way forward to develop a nation.
  • What the world needs to do - Believe in Young People Eric Hoffer’s quote “Youth itself is a talent — a perishable talent” hints at two important things which the world needs to realize – There is no bigger power than the power of youth; empowering the youth is the best way forward to develop a nation. Youth will be restless if their energy remains unutilized.
  • There is no denying the fact that it is the youth that has brought the world to its present state of progress. The same youthful energy when remains unharnessed can bring doomsday as well; the problems happening in Islamic countries, the revolts happening in many parts of the world and the youth’s protests in Europe as well as the US hints at the same.
  • So what does the world need to do to use the youthful energy for betterment and growth; their personal growth as well as the nation’s progress? The answer is simple - Believe in Young People. Precisely the vision behind BiYP, which is a charitable organization working for the cause of empowering youth by guiding them and facilitating them to get respectful work opportunities! BiYP has been founded on the core philosophy that young men and women are the storehouse of knowledge and passion. So when they are enriched with the right kind of skills and guided towards lucrative and suitable opportunities, they end up working for their growth as well as make the world a better place to live in. BiYP was established in 2012 and it aims to bring on board educators as well as employers who will not only train the young ones with the trending skills but also offer them chances of good jobs and work profile. This act alone shows a greater confidence in the abilities of the youth as well as solidarity and support for their needs.
  • Hence the name of the organization - Believe in Young People. A lot many young men and women, brimming with positivism and looking to contribute to the world through their work, are registered with BiYP. Many of them have already achieved guidance and training from educators that have added on to their aspirations as well as confidence. The incredible statistics of BiYP shows that 2 out of 3 young students have either been hired by some employee or been offered an apprenticeship; this speaks volumes about the work done by the organization. So if you are one such student looking for an impressive work profile or some further training to complete your education, be a part of BiYP family through this link. This is where the road to a happy future goes from!
  • Email Call Write For support with: Set up and registration Programme queries Technical issues For general enquiries: General enquiries: 01908 695560 Press enquiries: 01908 695560 Believe in Young People Citibase Norfolk House East 499 Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK9 2AH
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