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1. KURI-The Friendly Home Robot STEVIE-The Elderly Care Robot 2. STEVIE ã It is created by a team of ‘Trinity College, Dublin’. ã It is unveiled in November,2017.…
  • 1. KURI-The Friendly Home Robot STEVIE-The Elderly Care Robot
  • 2. STEVIE • It is created by a team of ‘Trinity College, Dublin’. • It is unveiled in November,2017. • It is a cute, little 5 feet robot. • It is built to respond to the needs of an elderly person living alone. • It can also perform range of functions like, medication reminders and light conversation to video calls with family members. • The robot has a similar form to a person as it possesses two arms and a ‘head’ interface.
  • 3. CONT… • Stevie’s face comprises a screen which can host pictorial prompters for those with hearing impairments. • It can communicate through a variety of modalities, such as speech, gesture and facial expression • And even be used to independently contact emergency services if the user becomes unresponsive. • It provides companionship to the elderly person and reduces boredom and stimulate mental activity. It can have basic conversations with its users and play a series of simple games.
  • 4. AI TECHNOLOGIES UESD… • It has the key functions of  speech and  movement largely controlled by his human masters. • It is programmed to recognise what is normal and abnormal behaviour for an elderly person and notify someone if something is out of the ordinary. • ‘Room sensor’ detects a user may have fallen over, a human operator can take control of the robot, use it to investigate the event and contact the emergency services if necessary. • Stevie can also regulate room temperatures and light levels.
  • 5. CONT… It can turn household appliances on and off. If he notices any unusual behaviour of the elderly person it will immediately notify. The robot is mobile and uses cameras, and depth, tactile, inertial and voltage sensors to interact intelligently with its environment, while on- board processors and wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) diversify its potential uses. In addition to performing functional tasks, the robot can interact socially with residents.
  • 6. KURI • Made by Mayfield Robotics in Silicon Valley. • Kuri is thoughtfully designed to fit into your home. Check-in while you're away, record special moments, entertain your household with music, and so much more. Kuri will roll around your house, respond to your voice, recognize faces,  take video.
  • 7. CONT… • Firstly, it navigate the house. To avoid obstacles, it maps the world with lasers, just like a self-driving car. • Kuri’s eyes, are actually mechanical. It communicates with its eyes. • Rub its head and it looks up at you lovingly. • Is very friendly and interact and play with kids.
  • 8. FEATURES • ‘Cap touch sensor’ which let it respond to the human touch. • ‘Camera’ located behind one of its eye, which let it be your eyes around the house when you’re not there. • ‘Gestural Mechanics’ help in its eye and head movement. Her eyes can blink, smile and can look up, down and from side to side. • ‘Microphones’ helps in to locate sound. Detect and react to our voice and unusual sound. • ‘Heart Light’ helps convey the mood. • ‘Speakers’ for playing music, repeating your words or speaking robot. • ‘Mapping Sensors’ to navigate your house. Remember and learns were everything is located. • ‘Charging Pad’ automatically goes for power nap when it sense that energy is running low.
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