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Careprost eye drops available as 0.03% w/v sterile eye drops for ophthalmic purpose only. To make eyelashes longer, apply careprost eye drops. Wash your hands properly before and after using this eye drop. And, you can buy Careprost online from GenericEPharmacy at best price, only at $9.00 with great offers. Get complete information about how to order careprost online from our USA pharmacy, Visit us at
  • Careprost Eye Drops help to Gain eye-catching look of Eyelashes Many people admit that the real beauty of a female lies in their eyes because they are the doorway to the female's heart. Every female wants a beautiful pair of eyes as eyes are the attractive feature of a face and they express your inner emotions, feelings, sentiments when a person smile, laugh, and cries. Our eyes speak thousands of words without saying any word. Eyes are also helps in the color differentiation and observation. It is the first duty of every person to take care of their eyes. Tired, red and itchy eyes may destroy your vision and it also reduces your sightedness. To overcome the hypotrichosis condition, medical science invents a new ophthalmic preparation, which is considered as Careprost eye drops. It contains generic Bimatoprost 0.03% and it works similarly as prostaglandin. Few tips help you to take care of your eyes- Tea bags- It soothes or relax the eye muscles and you should always use black tea bags. Apply cool tea bags on your closed eyes and allow rest for a few minutes. Cucumber- It has cooling effects; you put two slices of cucumber on each eye and keep it for sometime on your eyes. It gives cooling sensation and lightens your dark circles. Tomato juice- It is very good for the eyes and tomatoes are rich in carotene. It helps in the lightening of dark circles and makes your eyes more energetic.
  • Almond oil and lemon juice- Before going to sleep, apply a paste of almond oil and lemon juice near the eyes. Intake of healthy diet, which contains protein, Vitamin A and green leafy vegetables. But, the main beauty of eyes lies in eyelashes. Eyelashes are very important for making the eye look attractive. Eyelashes protect the entry of dust, mist, allergens, smoke and harmful UV rays into the eyes. But, if any individual has insufficient eyelashes or suffering from hypotrichosis condition of eyes then he/she suffer a lot in their life in the field of the beauty of eyes and protection of harmful UV rays. Bimatoprost is a safe, effective and widely used by the individuals for treating hypotrichosis condition of eyes by making the eyelashes more noticeable by increasing the growth and making them longer, thicker and darker. Apart from hypotrichosis, Bimatoprost is also indicated to manage signs and symptoms of glaucoma.
  • Method of application of Careprost eye drop- This ophthalmic preparation should be applied with the aid of sterile applicator or brush. Remove your eye makeup and contact lens before using this eye drop. Wash your eyes before using this eye medication and pat it dry with a towel. Put one drop of an ophthalmic preparation on the sterile applicator and draw a thin line along the edge of the upper eyelids. Repeat the same procedure to the next eye and close your eyes after use. You should apply this eye drop one time a day at night before going to bed. How long you will apply Careprost eye drops- You will continuously apply this eye drop on a daily basis up to 14to16 weeks. After 14 days, you will see the major difference in your growth of eyelashes. After getting the desired length, growth and color of eyelashes, don't stop the application otherwise get back to original condition. So, to avoid this problem you may reduce the application of this eye drop three times a week. While applying this eye drop, you will see several adverse effects like itching, irritation, redness of eyes, swelling of eyelids and change in iris color. Buy Careprost online to make your eyes look gorgeous and attractive, from GenericEPharmacy website in USA. Avail secure packaging and home delivery of drugs. You can also apply Latisse Eye Drops also for stunning and outstanding eyelashes. And for more information about Careprost eye drops and where to order careprost at affordable price, Visit us at
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