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IICS. EXCEPTIONAL. FORWARD THINKING.2015-16 IICS ANNUAL REPORT01 INTRODUCTIONSWelcome from Head of School Welcome from Head of Board Leadership &…
IICS. EXCEPTIONAL. FORWARD THINKING.2015-16 IICS ANNUAL REPORT01 INTRODUCTIONSWelcome from Head of School Welcome from Head of Board Leadership & Governance02COMMUNITY03STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT04THOUGHT LEADERSHIP05sURVEYS06FINANCE & OPERATIONS07LOOKING AHEADStudent Demographics Faculty Demographics Parent Involvement New Faculty Leadership Developments New PositionsOverview Dolphin Awards MAP Testing IBDP Results University Acceptances University Counseling Alumni Successes Graduway Launch Multiple Pathways to AchievementIICS Festival of Learning Launch of SPARK: IICS Journal of Professional Learning Faculty Professional DevelopmentStudent Survey Staff Survey Parent SurveyFinance AdmissionsIICS Development 2016-1701 INTRODUCTIONS Welcome from Head of School Welcome from Head of Board Leadership & GovernanceWELCOME BY HEAD OF SCHOOL IICS is focused on continuous improvement, essential for a school with an ambitious vision to be ‘forward-thinking and exceptional in every respect’. The success of a school is challenging to measure; many of its most important possible impacts on each student are difficult to quantify. However, there is much that can be observed and recognized; this report seeks to communicate some of these indicators of progress and achievement. Also in this report, you will find some practical data concerning our community, survey results and allocation of resources, to add to the picture of the IICS school year 2015/16. With the thorny question of IICS’ uphill struggle to relocate the Marmara campus central in the minds of most members of our community, it seemed fitting that our first expert visitor was Matt Dickinson – author, documentary film-maker, and Everest summiteer. There was much in his motivational speeches about determination and grit that resonated with our Board members. A little later in the year another important visitor brought an element of excitement and inspiration for this project; Prakash Nair, internationally known architect and thought leader in the field of environments for 21C learning. He challenged our students to think critically and creatively about the spaces that they might need to best fit their needs and they way that they learn – they did not disappoint. The same could not be said for the progress of the relocation.…introductionsHowever, the year was not all about physical building – the students were very busy building the reputation of IICS, through successfully competing in local and international competitions from sports to mathematics, through sustained and creative outreach projects to support Syrian refugees, and through their engagement with their studies. Our faculty members also have been building the reputation of IICS as a forward-thinking and innovative organization. They have been invited to present their work at international conferences and to host visitors wishing to observe their work first hand. IICS was the host of the annual CEESA teachers conference in March this year.1Welcome by the HEAD OF SCHOOLMarch was also significant this year for less positive reasons: the bombings in the city and the later event in Brussels demanded a higher focus on security for the school. Fortunately, owing to advice from the US consulate, additional measures for security had been put in place earlier in the year and we were able to continue our rich program of trips and visits, as well as reassure our community that we were well-informed and appropriately prepared. March was also the month in which we were finally able to announce the solution to our relocation aspirations. The news stunned our community (almost into almost silence) – an 80,000sqm greenfield site in Kemerburgaz. Further details were shared at our final Open Board meeting in June a cause for much celebration and excitement. The latter end of the year has been enlivened by the range of exhibitions of our students’ achievements, some which are documented in this report. The lively production of The Little Shop of Horrors, Art shows, assemblies and presentations allowed students to share their learning with a wider audience. IICS’ s first career fair took place, leveraging just a fragment of the multi-talented parent community we have around us, and opening the door for a more active network, offering our students opportunities for internships and work experiences.introductions2The 2015/16 school year has been a significant one for IICS both in terms of academic achievement and organizational development. We are proud of our excellent track record of university placements-100% of our graduates having been accepted at universities reflecting their diverse interests and talents as well as their high aspirations. We look forward to our next year, creating the strategic plan to build further on this strength and preparing for a move to a truly world-class contemporary school campus as fits our needs as a community determined to be exceptional in every respect.Welcome by the HEAD OF SCHOOLWELCOME BY BOARD CHAIRAYSE ATAMAN KECECI CHAIRPERSON, IICS BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe IICS Board is committed in ensuring that IICS continues to challenge our children in a caring environment that inspires each student to excel and to be inquisitive, creative, compassionate, balanced and internationally-minded. In other words, our Mission Statement continues to guide us in every Board decision that we take. To this end, our Board has been active in updating our Admissions policy to make sure that IICS nurtures its’ wonderfully diverse and international community. Work is also under way to update our benefits and policies to ensure that IICS continues to be able to recruit the very best teachers. Board members spend tremendous amount of time not only on topics like relocation and security which are of course on all our minds, but also contribute to school initiatives like Career Day and Internship programs. The main objective of our Board is to serve our Community and to work closely with our Head of School and Leadership Team so that IICS continues to be an exceptional learning environment.i c e c e K n a m a t A e ysAintroductions3Welcome by the board chairGOVERNANCE & LEADERSHIPIICS BOARD OF DIRECTORSAYSE ATAMAN KECECIFERHAT FERHANGIL DILO KRUYSWIJKSUSAN UNRUHVICE CHAIRPERSONTREASURERU.S. CONSULATE REP.SUSAN TAYLORJANE THOMPSONOMER KIPMENMELIS ALALUFPTA PRESIDENTHEAD OF SCHOOLFACULTY REP.MEMBERCHAIRPERSONROBERT ROMAINLUC GRILLETBERT BENDERMEMBERMEMBERMEMBERWe are pleased to welcome Stefanie Saka to the IICS Board of Directors for the 2016-17 school year. We are looking for one additional board member for 2016-17.BOARD COMMITTEES FINANCE Chair: Dilo Kruyswijk Robert Romain Luc Grillet Jane Thompson Icten Arikan Melis Alaluf Kaya BagPOLICY Chair: Melis Alaluf Jane Thompson Omer KipmenRELOCATION Chair: Robert Romain Ayse Ataman Ferhat Ferhangil Melis Alaluf Jane ThompsonELECTION Susan Taylor Jane Thompson Stefanie Sakaintroductions4leadership & governance02 COMMUNITY Student Demographics Faculty Demographics Parent InvolvementNew Faculty Leadership Developments New PositionsINTERNATIONAL STUDENT BODY22%3%North American Students42%South American Students32%European StudentsAsian Students1% Oceania StudentsIICS currently educates more than 600 students from 55 countries, 5 continents. IICS is a truly international school. This is reflected in the nationalities represented by our staff and students, as well as in our mission-driven goal of instilling a sense of international mindedness in our school community.Nationalities as % of Student Body Austria 2% Belgium 2%United States 22%Others 21%Japan 2% Russia 2% Bulgaria 2%Germany 9%Libya 2% Italy 2%Korea 9%Sweden 3% India 3% Canada 3%Spain 4%Holland 5%communityUnited Kingdom 6%Countries represented by less than 10 students each (16.7% of total student body) Argentina Australia Azerbaijan Bangladesh Bosnia Brazil China Colombia Cyprus Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Greece Hungary Iran Iraq Ireland Israel5Jordan Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Lichtenstein Mauritius Mexico Moldova New Zealand Pakistan Peru Poland Portugal Romania South Africa Switzerland Tajikistan Thailand Turkmenistan Uzbekistanstudent demographicsWORLD CLASS FACULTY INTERNATIONAL 13 nationalities 4 continents 42% 14% 13% 9% 6% 4% 4% 3% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%EXPERTS 9 IB ExaminersUSA UK Australia Canada Turkey France New Zealand Scotland Bangladesh Germany Ireland Mexico Spain1 IB Trainer 4 IB Workshop Leaders 2 IB Evaluation Visit Officials 1 IB Curriculum Reviewer 1 IB Testing AdvisorEDUCATED 100% Bachelors Degrees 44% 3%Masters Degrees PhDsEXPERIENCED 14 years experienceTHOUGHT LEADERS 16 faculty invited toon averagepresent at 2015-6 international conferencesSTUDENTFOCUSED 7:1 studentLIFELONG LEARNERS ALL facultyto teacher ratioESTABLISHEDcomplete annual professional development inhouse or abroadLow turnover of faculty“The best thing about IICS is the amazing student teacher relationships.” --Secondary studentcommunity6faculty demographicsPARENT INVOLVEMENTIICS is fortunate to have such an engaged parent community who organize incredible events and/or participate in school life in a number of meaningful ways. A key goal for this year was to more proactively leverage some of the talent of our parent body for the benefit of our students.SANDRINE RAMBOUX IICS parent of twins in Grade 6, Ms. Ramboux is a former finance executive from ING Bank who turned her expertise to humanitarian outreach, founding C@rma, an organization matching volunteers with NGOs. Ms. Ramboux spoke with Grade 6 students prior to their final PYP Exhibition project about taking action to impact the world for good. She also supported our Student Refugee Outreach Team and gave the keynote address at Career Day.PETER VOGELAARIICS parent Peter Vogelaar works at the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), a processing center for refugees referred to the United States Refugee Admission’s Program (USRAP), where he assists refugees. Secondary students had the opportunity to partake in a discussion with Mr. Vogelaar to better understand the many issues regarding the refugee crisis in Turkey and what it is like to work in such a challenging role.CAREER DAYIICS held its first-ever careers event this year, with 23 professionals from within our community presenting 150 students in grades 9 through 11 with a wide range of career sectors, including engineering, law, diplomacy, NGOs, manufacturing, banking, medicine, architecture, info tech, sports management, visual and performing arts, and others. Students described feeling that their career choice had been strongly affirmed or validated. Many others expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn more authentic details about career options. Students were most pleased with the opportunities to meet professionals and ask their own questions, and with the hands-on professional tasks that the presenters shared with them. BENEFITS TO OUR COMMUNITY Following the successful Career Day, some students were granted internships over the summer with IICS parent Dr. Kaya Bag, one of our Career Day participants. Grade 10 students Philipp Schilk and Ayush Joshi interned at Spintek Technologies where they were able to assist with updating Spintek’s product documentation and designing a new look for product packaging. “There was far more independence than I expected,” says Philipp. “First we observed to see what value we could provide. It was my first time working 9-5, which was exhausting, but it was really a good experience.”community7parent involvementINTERNATIONAL DAYOur largest annual whole school event, International Day, is organized primarily by the IICS PTA to help us celebrate and share our cultures. This event also raises money for many good causes. We are proud to report that the 2015 International Day raised an impressive 27,800TL, some of which was donated to the Refugee Outreach Project, Children of Hope, and the Animal Welfare Group. An additional 6,000 TL was directed to the PTA Grant Program. The remaining funds were used to support our ongoing community-building programs and activities, such as sponsoring buses to school for PTA events, the annual PTA cocktail, and the family picnic at Hisar.PTA STUDENT GRANT PROGRAM In an effort to make PTA funding more equitable while helping students develop real world skills, our IICS PTA developed a Grant Program to support student initiatives. Interested students and student groups must prepare a grant request and submit it by certain deadlines throughout the year to earn a chance to be funded by the PTA. This successful program has meant funding for a diverse range of student clubs, community service activities, equipment or supplies for clubs, and seed funding for new clubs or initiatives. This year, grant recipients included: • IICS Syrian Refugee Outreach Group – 700 TL • Hisar’s Grade 3 – Supporting Girls’ Education in Eastern Turkey- 500 TL • The Modern Voice- student news website's professional webhosting- 310 TL • Secondary Student Council (StuCo)- Cafe improvements- 500 TL • IICS Model United Nations Teamfinancial support for MUN tournaments in Amsterdam and Bucharest- 1000 TL • Philipp S. (Grade 10)- Quad Copter Project - 200 USD • Alia R. (Grade 11)- Mural Club – 500 TL • Yasemin I. & Alia R. (Grade 11) -Istanbul Art Walks – 300 TL • Jaeheon K. (Grade 10)-IICS Music Club/Band- recording equipment- 500 TLcommunity8parent involvementPTA FUN RUN Despite the pouring rain that day, The Superhero Fun Run organized by the IICS PTA had a fantastic turnout. A day dedicated to sports and fun activities for the whole family, it featured a run (in costume, for those who dared), a bouncy castle, outdoor sport challenges, and a delicious barbecue picnic. Weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of our enthusiastic community.PTA CITY TOURSThe PTA has actively supported our community’s exploration of Istanbul as well as our lifelong learning by offering a range of interesting activities to parents this year, including:PTA COCKTAIL PARTY-Bicycle Tour of Istanbul -Cooking Classes: Indian, Thai, Spanish, etc. -Boat trip to Burgaz Island -Sculpture Workshop -Grand Bazaar Tour -Visit to an Orthodox cathedral -Creative Writing Workshop -Abstract Photography Workshop -Tour of the Golden Horn -Tour of Karakoy and EminonuThe PTA helped us celebrate the end of another successful school year in high style with a cocktail at the beautiful Bosphorus-front Feriye, which sports the iconic view of Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus bridge.community9parent involvementWORLD CLASS FACULTYIICS NEW TEACHERS We know that the quality and motivation of the faculty are key to an outstanding school. We recruit internationally, using professional search organizations and leveraging our professional networks. We are pleased to introduce the following new faculty members to IICS for August 2016:RIKI KOCHARPRIMARY TEACHER Educated in international schools in Indonesia and India, Australian by nationality, much like many IICS students Riki is herself a ‘third culture kid.’ She began her teaching career in Australia and then gained experience in a variety of international schools as an elementary teacher. She was most recently teaching in Beijing and the grade level facilitator. Riki has a BA in Primary Education and an MA in EAL. She will join us with her partner Saileshni who will also be teaching in the IICS Primary school.DAVID DUWYNCAS COORDINATOROriginally from Belgium, David joins us from Gems World Academy in Dubai where he was CAS Coordinator and Language Acquisition teacher. He holds a PGCE with distinction from the UK, a BA in French Literature and Linguistics, an MA in teaching French as a foreign language and an MA in cooperative education and intercultural relations. David is experienced with the IB curriculum and is a certified examiner for French B. He is passionate about enabling students to have meaningful service opportunities and we look forward to his impact in the coordination role at IICS.KELLEN BENARDDAVID DACHPIANIB ECONOMICS A dual citizen of the US and Thailand, David joins us from an eight year stay at Shanghai American School where he taught IB Business and Management and AP Economics. He also was a reader for the College Board Advanced placement program for Macroeconomics. Prior to this he taught Economics and History for public schools in California. David has a BA in Political Science and an MA in National Security Studies and is a keen coach of rugby, tennis, and snowboarding. He will join us with his wife and young daughter.MONIKA HOGEPYP COORDINATORJoining us from the US where she has been an Assistant Elementary Principal, Monika has worked in a variety of international schools including Munich International School and International School of Tanganyika. She has a BSc in Elementary Education and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. Very experienced within the PYP, Monika is an IB workshop leader and a contributor to IB curriculum design teams. She is also a certified curriculum mapping trainer.P.E. TEACHERIn addition to holding a BS degree in Kinesiology, Kellen is a certified strength and physical conditioning trainer. Joining us from Milan, where he taught both Secondary and Primary PE at the American School of Milan, Kellen has coached many sports as well as organized a community service Jog-a-Thon. Prior to Italy, Kellen worked at the US Department of Defense School in Heidelberg. Kellen has completed professional development in IB sports, exercise, and health. He is rope sport climbing certified and enjoys Olympic weightlifting, hiking, and swimming.community10welcome new facultyAMY GARRETTSECONDARY TEACHERDAX GARRETTPRIMARY P.E. TEACHERJoining us from Concordia International School Shangai, China, he holds an ME in Curriculum and Teaching and BA in History. Enthusiastic about outdoor challenge and outreach, Dax has led camps and residential student summer projects as well as community service initiatives. He will take up the position of Primary PE teacher. Dax’s wife Amy will be teaching in Secondary, though it will still be a few years before their son Isaiah will be joining IICS.SAILESHNI COOKMAQBOOL AHMEDPRIMARY TEACHERSECONDARY SCIENCE TEACHERJoining us from Greenfield Community School in Dubai where he was the Head of Science and the DP and MYP Biology teacher, Maqbool has 16 years experience in education. He has worked within the British system as a senior science curriculum director for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust UK, and is an IBDP examiner and IB internal assessment moderator. He holds a BEd in Biology and Chemistry, an MSc in Zoology and an MSc in Educational Leadership. Maqbool will join us with his wife and two young children.HELEN HOPPINGOriginally from Australia and joining us from Beijing, where she was an elementary teacher, Saileshni has taught in several international schools including the American International School in Ho Chi Minh. She has a BA in Primary Education and an MA in Education and has studied dance and yoga for a number of years. Saileshni will be accompanied by her partner, Riki, who will also be teaching in the IICS Primary school.STEPHEN BROWNMIDDLE SCHOOL MATH & SCIENCE TEACHER Stephen has enjoyed a long career inSECONDARY MUSIC TEACHERJoining us from Bejing City International School, China, Helen has an ME in Arts Education. She will take up the position of Secondary Music teacher as well as serve as the Head of Performing Arts. Helen is an IBDP Program Examiner for Music as well as an IBDP Curriculum Reviewer. She has led music ensembles including Chamber, Jazz, Big Band, and Rock and has served in her previous schools as Head of Performing Arts, Director of Music, Band Director,
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